The angelic beauty of hot girl Ngoc Huyen makes everyone who sees her excited

Nguyen Hoang Ngoc Huyen, nicknamed Huyen Bii, is a hot girl and a famous young and talented photo model, advertising model, and actress in Hanoi.Nguyen Hoang Ngoc Huyen was born in 1997 in Hanoi. She is a former student of Hanoi Pedagogical University who was once famous for her sports uniform and wedding photosHe plans to pursue a master’s degree in psychology.

Ngoc Huyen possesses an extremely beautiful, pure face with a high nose bridge, big round eyes and an extremely charming smile, and an attractive body. That’s why she became a photo model sought after by many fashion brands.
After that, she continued to appear in the hit movie “Unforgettable Days”. Most recently, she also participated in the movie Mirror Mask, Happy Garage…

Let’s look at the ravishing photos of this Hanoi beauty, proud of the beauty of Vietnamese girls that the admin team has edited.

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