Young couple with the dream of settling down: easy or difficult?

Settle down and settle down is still the concept of the vast majority of Vietnamese people, especially young families living in big cities. Owning your own house is an important premise in maintaining a happy, sustainable home. So why is this always a headache for couples?

Normally, home buyers need to have a fairly stable monthly cash flow to be able to repay the loan because very few people are able to pay the entire amount to buy a house right away when deciding. In fact, many young couples have been choosing to rent a house for many reasons: experiencing diverse living spaces, convenient transportation, not being financially stable or not being psychologically prepared for the future. pressure to repay home loans.

However, from another perspective, many young families today change direction when deciding to own their first apartment when rental prices are increasing day by day. Meanwhile, home loan interest rates of many banks are at their deepest decline in nearly 20 years. Previously, even when there was a sum of money saved, buying a house was still a distant goal for many young families because house prices were too high compared to average income and home loan interest rates were also low. is high, causing many young families to accept renting a house to have more time to accumulate finances.

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Minh Khang, head of the planning department of a construction company (HCMC) said: “When I’m single, I can live however I want, I can live in a rented house with my brothers and friends, but when I decide to move in together, house with my girlfriend, we are thinking about buying a 2-bedroom apartment in the suburban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City to stabilize our lives. Mid-range 2-bedroom apartment just enough for your needs or easy to transfer later. Currently, we have saved a little and banks’ home loan interest rates are decreasing, so we are looking for a few suitable projects.”

The pressure to repay debt is the biggest obstacle that makes many young families hesitate in buying a house. Experts recommend that when borrowing, you should not ignore the double 50 rule, which means the bank loan amount does not exceed 50% of the apartment value and the installment amount does not exceed 50% of the monthly income. of your family to ensure the quality of daily life.

Mr. Kiet and his wife, Ms. Nhung (Thu Duc City) decided to buy a house to prepare for having a baby. Married for nearly 3 years, the couple still lives in a rented house. However, the price of rented houses is increasing day by day, plus additional fees are also high, so after recalculating the accumulated amount and receiving additional support from On both sides of the family, Mr. Kiet and his wife also decided to look to buy a house in early 2024: “We are renting a 1-bedroom apartment with a total rental cost of nearly 9 million VND/month. However, the landlord has just announced that the rent will increase in the near future. Having already accumulated some capital, we are researching loan policies and apartments that suit our needs so we can buy a place to live immediately. Thus, the monthly rent can be added to pay off the loan,” Mr. Kiet shared.

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Monthly installment payments can become a motivation or pressure depending on your spending plan and careful calculation before making a decision. Therefore, home buyers need to carefully research the loan interest rate and the actual interest rate payable during the loan period. Normally, the interest rates offered by banks are different, especially in the range of 6 – 24 months, borrowers will be offered attractive policies. After that there will be a floating interest rate based on market interest rates.

Currently, after more than 2 years of fluctuations and freezes, the real estate market is gradually adjusting to return to real values, meeting real needs. Housing and apartment projects at mid-range prices in the central suburbs are still the target of many young families. To contribute to stimulating demand for housing loans, from the beginning of 2024, many banks have simultaneously lowered home loan interest rates with the most attractive incentives.

With the current very attractive loan interest rates of banks, experts also believe that this is a reasonable time for people with real needs, especially young families, to consider their financial path. and refer to suitable projects to decide on down payment. Because in the near future, loan interest rates will hardly be lower.

Mr. Minh Khang, after researching, decided to choose the home loan package with a preferential interest rate of 5%/year from BVBank. He said: “After learning about the loan interest rates of banks, I decided to choose BVbank not only Because the bank’s interest rates are the most competitive, BVBank also adjusted the lending interest rate margin after the incentives ended to only 2%/year. As someone who works in the construction industry, I also know that this is the best loan ever, so I decided to settle down soon and prepare for my wedding plan this year.”

In addition to the loan interest rate currently at a preferential rate of 5%/year, applicable to new disbursed loans for the purpose of buying and repairing real estate for residential purposes, starting from January 8, 2024, for convenience. For customers, loan procedures at BVBank are also simpler with quick application review time within 24 hours.

Customers can visit branches nationwide to receive detailed advice appropriate to their financial capabilities, or view detailed information on Ban Viet Bank’s website.

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