Wishing for a good and sustainable future through the HDBank 2024 calendar

With the theme “Opening spring to welcome fortune, the country blooms”, HDBank’s 2024 new year calendar includes 04 publications: traditional wall-mounted calendar, modern wall-mounted calendar, desktop calendar and the modern HDBank electronic calendar App launched. 4th year.

The Chinese and modern wall-mounted calendars are designed on a background of red dahlia flowers – a luxuriously beautiful flower with strangely symmetrically arranged petals, symbolizing enthusiasm, prosperity and lasting happiness. long.

Just like that, the 365 days accompanying the HDBank calendar are a journey to discover nature, the homeland, the wild beauty, historical relics, innovation marks… These are commercial lands. , where everyone who has gone away or is still attached loves and is proud, because “if anyone doesn’t remember their homeland, they won’t be able to grow into a person”.

Mid-range calendar set  elegant wall hanging.
Set of medieval and modern calendars hung on the wall.

Unlike the traditional calendar, the HDBank electronic calendar App is a harmonious combination of modern digital technology and humanistic values. With just one click, users can start the journey to explore the charming Vietnamese landscape, along with departure information, such as beautiful hours and days, directions, look up suitable times for personal events…

Wishing for a good and sustainable future through the HDBank 2024 calendar - Photo 1

The desk calendar with 12 months of love and happiness is shown through 12 landscape paintings from South to North, delicately selected by HDBank and photographers, aiming at humanity and creativity. This is also the wish for peace, prosperity, peace and happiness that HDBank sends to customers, partners, and employees in all regions of the country.

Those are the images of harvesting Shan Tuyet tea in Yen Bai, the image of spreading nets in the waters of Nghe An, the town sinking into the sunset in Phu Quoc, flying kites on Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), and the image of the city. Modern Ho Chi Minh, the cities of Quang Ninh and Hai Phong are accelerating innovation, the thousand year old Hanoi, the beloved traditional rice paper village of Ben Tre, the vibrant Hoi An, the majestic and wild Central Highlands. profile…

“In recent years, HDBank has often produced Tet calendars with the theme of honoring the beauty of nature, the homeland and the people of Vietnam, depicting the brilliant and beloved beauty of the country, bringing Our pride in a peaceful country, peaceful and happy life. Through that, we want to send benefits to all regions of the country, towards a sustainable future,” shared Mr. Pham Quoc Thanh – General Director of HDBank.

HDBank, with a history of more than 3 decades of establishment and development, has always taken humanistic culture as the basic foundation for development. That culture permeates HDBank’s activities, building a 34-year story of a bank that has steadfastly gone through all stages to today firmly conquer new heights.

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