VNDirect system is trading again, investors complain about difficulty placing buy and sell orders

After a week of overcoming the problem of hacker attacks, HNX and HoSE announced that VNDirect will be able to resume trading from today. Thus, investors with accounts opened at VNDirect Securities Joint Stock Company can access their accounts, perform basic transactions, warrant transactions, and derivatives.

VNDirect system is trading again, investors complain about difficulty placing buy and sell orders
Investors encounter difficulties when logging into the VNDirect system

But according to some investors, they encountered difficulties when logging into the VNDirect system and placing buy and sell orders this morning. The price list of this securities company is also displayed incorrectly, the investor’s account does not display the balance…

Along with the difficulty logging in via the website platform, online transaction price lists and account information also encounter the same problem. Some investors cannot place orders or log into the system.

Specifically, the price list on the DStock platform displays stock prices from before the company encountered the hacker incident, and the codes are not continuously updated according to the market price. Information about VN-Index and VN30-Index is not displayed.

Having difficulty logging into the VNDirect system, Ms. Hoang Lan, who has an account here, said: “VNDirect’s system this morning can place orders but account balance information is not displayed, nor can the price list be tracked.”

Noting the difficulties of investors, VNDirect representative admitted that the system “inevitably had some technical errors” during the initial period of reopening transactions and gradually restoring features. The company representative added that they will increase information and customer support channels to ensure all questions and requests are resolved promptly.

Last weekend, in a letter sent to customers and investors, Ms. Pham Minh Huong, Chairman of VNDirect Securities Company, apologized for the cyber attack that had disrupted and stopped transactions in recent days. .

In addition, investors who opened accounts at VNDirect also received notice of a number of support policies in April. However, they believe that these supports are quite modest compared to the losses suffered in a short period of time. week cannot be traded.

VNDirect’s trading system has been suspended since March 24 due to an attack by an international organization. VNDirect’s member and related companies are also similarly affected. For the past week, customers opening accounts at VNDirect have been unable to trade securities (bases, derivatives), deposit and withdraw money from the account. Moreover, they are also impatient because of the risk of the money balance in their securities account evaporating and personal account information being leaked.

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