Vietnam Economic Magazine launches a new Books section to serve businesses and entrepreneurs

On December 9, Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy officially launched a new Books section with the goal of connecting knowledge, accompanying businesses and readers.

Dr. Chu Van Lam, Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Economic Journal, said that in recent times, the Journal has regularly maintained interest in content related to books and publishing.

To help readers, especially businesses and entrepreneurs, find good books on economics, Vietnam Economic Magazine decided to launch a new section. New book. In addition to reporting on books and cultural stories to read daily at home and abroad, the Magazine will also cooperate with a number of publishers to introduce good, typical economic works to you. read.

In fact, through the process of editing and publishing publications on economics and business, over the years, the Magazine has received the support of a large number of readers, especially businessmen, researchers as well as businessmen. economic managers. The publications of Vietnam Economic Journal are always carefully edited, with in-depth and useful content. Therefore, the construction of the item New book above VnEconomy and Vietnam Economic Journal (printed weekly) will be very convenient.

Item New book belong to Vietnam Economic Journal was launched as an important section to promote the reading movement as well as affirm the importance of books in improving knowledge about economics and economic-related issues at home and abroad.

Converted from Vietnam Economic Times, up to now Vietnam Economic Magazine has continuously strived to become a useful multimedia media agency for readers and contribute to the work of building the country. Changing for development, this is also the time when the Editorial Board of Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy – Vietnam Economic Times (VET) decided to make an important improvement in the content development strategy.

With the launch of the column New book, Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy – Vietnam Economic Times We hope to always receive the attention and companionship of domestic and international readers.

The Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Economic Magazine also expressed his hope to receive many comments from readers so that the column can be increasingly improved and have many quality articles, thereby better serving readers, to Each book is truly a “friend” in the development journey of every Vietnamese business and entrepreneur.

In its development journey over the past 30 years, Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy has always focused on creativity and innovation to launch new high-quality journalistic products to best meet the needs. of readers.

Before launching the item New bookrecently through the VnEconomy Digital Editorial Office, digitally releasing in-depth press publications such as Vietnam Economic Magazine, Vietnam Economic Times and Economic Yearbook on the e-commerce platform for central press distribution.

Dr. Chu Van Lam believes that economic information as well as good books that will be regularly introduced in the publications of the Vietnam Economic Journal will contribute in part to efforts to promote the overall development of the country. Vietnam’s economy as well as the business community.

Currently, Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy has also been making efforts to create and develop a digital ecosystem, operate a digital Editorial Office and publish press publications on digital platforms to create the most favorable conditions. for businesses and people to access economic information.

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