Vietcombank launches Vietcombank Visa Infinite Credit Card – A true quintessential mark

Vietcombank Visa Infinite credit card is issued exclusively for customers in the Elite Diamond segment – the most advanced customer segment of Vietcombank Priority. Always a pioneer in innovation and application of modern technology, Vietcombank continues to affirm its number 1 position as the first bank in Vietnam to launch a metal card product made entirely from titanium, Combined with unique and sophisticated card carving techniques.

Inspired by the design of black diamonds, a symbol of prosperity and authority, the Vietcombank Visa Infinite card becomes even more special when matched with the design duo Diamond Shine and Diamond Charm. If the Diamond Shine design is inspired by the radiating light of a black diamond, creating a strong and strong feeling, the Diamond Charm design with a royal-style diamond pattern system exudes elegance and sophistication. international.

Besides the titanium material and special design, at the launch event held on the evening of December 1, 2023 at JW Marriot Hanoi Hotel, the Vietcombank Visa Infinite card was also introduced with many elite privileges, Applying to a variety of fields with worthy partners.

Possessing a luxurious metal card, customers and relatives will be able to use high-end service packages on health care, cuisine and resorts for free as well as outstanding incentives on golf and travel. calendar, etc. and the opportunity to participate in high-class culinary events jointly organized by Michelin and Visa International Card Organization.

Understanding the busyness of customers and the desire to accompany Vietcombank Visa Infinite cardholders in every moment of life, Vietcombank also offers the privilege of a global premium personal assistant, ready to support all of their needs. 24/7 customers with a wide partner network.

From planning travel, booking golf services, medical care, enjoying cuisine, or services right at home, to arranging transportation and quick check-in at the airport,… Everything becomes very easy when you are a Vietcombank Visa Infinite cardholder.

The Vietcombank Visa Infinite card gives customers the privilege of using unlimited airport lounges globally for each cardholder.

Not only enjoying the quietness in the private, luxurious space at Vietcombank Priority lounges, customers can also choose to fully relax before their flight in thousands of classy, ​​comfortable lounges worldwide. world, regardless of ticket class or airline.

In addition, when paying for trips with Vietcombank Visa Infinite card, customers and relatives also enjoy a global travel insurance policy of up to 23.3 billion VND.

Moreover, when spending with Vietcombank Visa Infinite card, customers will receive a refund of up to 2%, with no limit on the refund value. This is the highest cashback benefit exclusively for Vietcombank’s most premium customers.

Vietcombank Visa Infinite card launch event was held on a large scale;  limited to Hà  Last evening of December 1.
The Vietcombank Visa Infinite card launch event was held on a limited scale in Hanoi on the evening of December 1.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh – Member of the Board of Directors of Vietcombank shared: “In more than 60 years of operation and more than 4 years of implementing Priority Customer Service – Vietcombank Priority, Vietcombank always tries harder every day, mainly proactive, pioneering in innovation, applying modern technology as well as applying best practices to bring good products, services and experiences to customers.

Launching the premium Vietcombank Visa Infinite credit card with a duo of sophisticated, luxurious designs and many outstanding privileges, we hope to bring customers unique experiences and memorable moments of enjoyment. . In the future, we are committed to continuing to innovate and become more and more worthy of the values ​​and trust that customers have given us.”

* To learn more about the privileges and outstanding offers of the Vietcombank Visa Infinite card, please visit: know/Chi-tiet-the-inifinite

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