Vietcombank coordinates with the Ministry of Public Security to guide the implementation of online fee and fee collection

At the conference, Colonel Pham Van Tuan emphasized the important role of promoting the effectiveness of online payment activities on the Ministry of Public Security’s public service portal, and emphasized the proud achievements of the Ministry of Public Security. was achieved through the use of bilateral payment services with Vietcombank.

Specifically, in just nearly 2 months of using the service, the number of paperwork that Police units need to process nationwide has been significantly reduced, people’s transactions are managed intelligently, effective, fast, safe… The Colonel emphasized the importance of expanding the rapid, strong and drastic implementation of bilateral payment services with Vietcombank for other services of the Ministry of Public Security.

In the detailed instructions, representatives of leaders and officers of the units: Payment Center, Technology Project Management Department, Digital Channel Development Department and partners in turn clearly presented the following contents: Introducing the model, operation method and outstanding advantages of the bilateral payment system; Instructions on how to pay fees and charges in detail from the step of creating documents on the public service portal of the Ministry of Public Security; Instructions for using the VCBPortal automatic reconciliation program provided by Vietcombank to proactively find records, export data, manage transactions, and be proactive in transfer work.

Vietcombank staff participated in the conference.
Vietcombank’s delegation participated in the conference.

Representative of Vietcombank, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Dung – Deputy Head of Policy and Payment System Management Department – TSC Vietcombank Payment Center discussed and answered questions from police units nationwide about the system. Bilateral payment with Vietcombank.

The exchange and feedback content has provided knowledge, helping police officers grasp the necessary skills to apply the bilateral payment system effectively, thereby improving citizen satisfaction. when using public services, contributing to improving the reputation of units in state budget collection activities.

Vietcombank representative discussed and  Answer questions from police units.
Vietcombank representatives discussed and answered questions from police units.

Speaking at the closing of the conference, Colonel Pham Van Tuan once again emphasized the importance of implementing an online payment system on the public service portal of the Ministry of Public Security, ensuring the provision of public services. Online the entire process and fulfill the financial obligations of the fee and fee collection agency, contributing to changing the working method from the traditional environment to the electronic environment.

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