VIB affirms its top position with a series of awards from Mastercard and Visa


With the strategy of leading the card trend in Vietnam, VIB has been pioneering the application of leading modern technologies into the credit card ecosystem and developing it into a common trend, favored by the majority of users.

Strong investment in technology combined with an understanding of user needs and preferences has helped VIB meet and exceed customer expectations.

Recognizing VIB’s positive contributions to the widespread change of cashless payment technology in Vietnam, as well as in the region, prestigious international organizations have awarded the Bank many outstanding awards. On technology, the latest is the award “The first bank to apply Interactive Virtual Reality (AR) technology to Credit Cards in Vietnam” from VISA and the award “Breakthrough in credit card digitization” from Mastercard.

From being a product leader when integrating credit cards and payment cards for the first time with the VIB Online Plus 2in1 card line, to applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fully implement card issuance process within 15-30 minutes, or applying advanced card technology such as “virtual card”, “virtual switchboard” and “virtual financial expert”, VIB has succeeded in creating unique experiences. Unique, different and convenient experience for users.

Taking customers as the focus with the goal of providing the best cashless spending experiences, VIB also pioneered the launch of “talking cards” by embedding virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality technology. (AR) into the QR code on the back of the card, making once-dry financial transactions more interesting and accessible.


In addition to outstanding card technology in Vietnam and the region, VIB is also the market leader in personalizing user experience. Card lines branded by VIB and world-renowned partners such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express are designed with modern, youthful features and interfaces, fully meeting user needs. This is consistent with and significantly contributes to VIB’s strategy of leading the trend in recent years, helping the bank become one of the top choices for card users in Vietnam.

With 6 card lines combined with Mastercard, in 2023, VIB is recognized as leading in total spending via international debit and credit cards in Vietnam. At the same time, the Bank also leads the market in terms of total spending via Mastercard cards in foreign territories. Specialized travel card lines that accompany users when shopping abroad such as Travel Élite and Premier Boundless have largely contributed to helping VIB maintain this position for many years.

In addition, with products providing diverse features and incentives for the online shopping sector, VIB has become the Leading Bank in e-commerce spending, as recorded by Mastercard.

VIB affirms its top position with a series of awards from Mastercard and Visa - Photo 1


Currently, the VIB credit card ecosystem has 9 modern card lines, designed to suit the needs of each user, from those who love to travel to those who love shopping or simply want to manage finances effectively. Each card line has a personal style with luxurious design, along with diverse features and superior incentives compared to the market.

VIB’s card products are aimed at a group of customers who are modern citizens of the digital economy, love technology, constantly seek, affirm and express their ego – mastery in all aspects of life. On the journey to improve user experience, VIB always engages to understand and share with all customers’ needs and desires through creative marketing steps, helping to close the gap with customers.

VIB affirms its top position with a series of awards from Mastercard and Visa - Photo 2

With leading card technology, VIB credit cards are not simply a means of payment, but also provide a convenient and enjoyable technology experience. Besides, the diversity, creativity and full satisfaction of spending needs have helped VIB card products become the top choice for customers when combined with the cashless payment trend.

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