The State Bank transfers credit “room” from surplus to shortage

The State Bank said that on November 29, 2023, there was a document announcing the increased credit growth rate for credit institutions…

The State Bank affirms that the allocation of additional credit “room” is carried out publicly and transparently according to specific principles and criteria. Accordingly, credit institutions whose credit balance has so far reached 80% of the announced credit target will be proactively supplemented with an increased limit based on the 2022 rating, while giving priority to their credit limit. Give more priority to credit institutions that focus credit on the Government’s priority areas and lower lending interest rates to low levels in recent times.

“The addition of this limit is the initiative of the State Bank and it is not necessary for credit institutions to request or request additional amounts,” the State Bank’s press release stated.

The State Bank said it will continue to operate so that credit growth in 2023 does not exceed the determined target (14.5%) but still ensures growth space to meet the credit capital needs of the economy. economic and safety of the credit institution system.

At the same time, the State Bank also said it has requested credit institutions to grant safe, healthy credit and support businesses. Ensure credit growth is consistent with risk management capacity, capital mobilization ability, as well as balance sufficient capital sources to grant credit. Continue to maintain stable deposit interest rates and actively reduce lending interest rates. Direct credit to production and business sectors, priority areas and growth drivers according to the Government’s policies, promptly meeting the capital needs of people and businesses. Strengthen review and cut administrative procedures, simplify lending processes and procedures, both ensuring compliance with regulations and creating favorable conditions for customers to access bank credit, supporting businesses. Industry and people restored production and business.

Previously, in the Directive from the beginning of 2023, the State Bank determined that credit growth in 2023 will be about 14-15% and will be flexibly adjusted in accordance with developments and actual situations, creating favorable conditions. Favorable for credit institutions to provide credit capital for the economy.

By July 2023, the State Bank has allocated credit limits to the entire system of credit institutions and foreign bank branches with a total growth rate of 14.5%.

“However, the past 11 months have shown that economic growth is still facing difficulties, the economy’s capital absorption and credit demand are still weak, so by November 22, 2023, credit growth for the entire system will only reach 8.21%, lower than the orientation target at the beginning of the year; credit growth of the credit institution system is uneven, some credit institutions grow quite high, some credit institutions increase low growth, even negative growth,” the State Bank said.

Therefore, in order to promptly flexibly operate and meet the requirements of continuing to promote credit growth to serve capital needs for the process of restoring economic growth under the direction of the Government, the Prime Minister, the Bank State banks have actively and flexibly adjusted credit growth targets throughout the system from credit institutions that do not use all their credit growth targets to credit institutions that need to continue expanding credit growth. use. At the same time, the State Bank continues to manage credit growth in 2023 so that it does not exceed the determined target but still ensures growth space to meet the credit capital needs of the economy and system safety. credit institution system.

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