SHB simultaneously reduced lending interest rates to only 5.79%/year

Specifically, for individual customers, the loan interest rate is adjusted to decrease from only 6.39%/year for short-term loans and 5.79%/year for medium and long-term loans.

At the same time, with the preferential home loan package, customers will enjoy disbursement incentives of up to 90% of the value of the purchased real estate, loan term of up to 25 years, preferential interest rate period and extended principal grace period. up to 24 months. In particular, loyal customers who use many bank products and services can receive an additional discount of up to 1%/year.

In addition, SHB also added an additional 5,000 billion VND to the loan package for customers to 23,000 billion VND. This is a credit package within the program “Preferential loans – Dragons make fortune” that has been implemented by SHB since the end of January 2024 with a total initial budget of VND 18,000 billion to help people replenish capital for goods reserves. , production and business to serve the market as well as prepare money for shopping, payment, spending…

For business customers, SHB launches a credit program with a scale of VND 10,000 billion for production and business customers with interest rates reduced from only 5.8%/year and a credit package of VND 1,000 billion for businesses with Demand for car loans with preferential interest rates is only from 6.5%/year.

These preferential interest rates apply to new loans from individual and business customers in 2024 and last until December 31, 2024.

The business community will enjoy new preferential loan rates from SHB.
The business community will enjoy new preferential loan interest rates from SHB.

Participating in SHB’s loan package, customers will not only enjoy preferential interest rates and simple procedures, but will also be able to borrow with high limits based on diverse collateral, shortening application review time, quick disbursement.

In addition, customers also enjoy many privileges and amenities such as: Free SHB credit card limit up to 200 million VND; 2% reduction in interest rates for unsecured overdraft loans for the purpose of supplementing working capital; exemption or reduction of service fees (collection services, international payments…); Free Combo package of payment accounts, preferential exchange rates for foreign currency trading; give away nice account number……

“With a massive reduction in interest rates on preferential loan packages as well as an additional VND 5,000 billion in credit for individual customers during this period, SHB expects customers will continue to have access to cheap capital, Simple procedures to promote production and business and improve living standards in the current challenging economic context,” SHB representative emphasized.

Previously, implementing the direction of the State Bank and demonstrating the role and responsibility of SHB in implementing the Government’s guidelines and operating policies, SHB has implemented many interest rate reductions up to 2,000 times. 5% per year for individual customers and existing business customers with the goal of removing difficulties for the economy.

The Bank also continuously successfully signed many international loans from large organizations WB, ADB, IFC… such as grants and investments with a total value of 26 ODA projects of over 2.6 billion USD; Medium and long-term capital borrowed from international organizations of nearly 400 million USD helps the bank diversify its capital sources to meet the increasing credit needs of all customers for production and business activities.

* For more special offers, customers can contact the 24/7 Customer Care Center: *6688 or SHB branches and transaction offices nationwide.

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