SHB has been honored for 5 consecutive years as “Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam”

Within the framework of the ceremony to announce the Ranking of Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500), SHB was simultaneously honored in the Top VNR500 and Top 50 excellent enterprises in Vietnam, continuing to affirm its reputation and reputation. leading position in the market with the criteria of safe, effective, sustainable development, strong financial capacity, good growth rate and being one of the enterprises with positive contributions to the economy – country’s society in 2023.

By the end of the third quarter of 2023, SHB achieved pre-tax profit of VND 8,509 billion, total assets reached VND 596 trillion, an increase of 8.13% compared to the beginning of the year. Capital mobilization in market 1 reached nearly 475 trillion VND; Equity capital according to Basel II reached VND 67,801 billion. SHB’s safety, liquidity, and risk management indicators are all better than the State Bank’s regulations. SHB fully complies with the 3 pillars of Basel II standards and from the beginning of 2023 has applied Basel III standards in liquidity risk management.

Also in 2023, SHB issued more than 552 million shares to pay 2022 dividends in stocks at a rate of 18%, thereby increasing charter capital to VND 36,194 billion, ranking in the Top 4 large private commercial banks. system.

With strong financial capacity, stable business operations in parallel with the core cultural values: Heart – Trust – Trust – Tri – Tri – Tam, SHB has developed strongly, reaching out to become one of the largest and most prestigious private banks in Vietnam. That success comes from a journey of persistent effort, dedicated dedication, and pioneering in difficulties and challenges for the benefit of customers, the community, and the economy.

Experts and the appraisal council evaluate SHB as a bank that effectively deploys the allocation of credit capital to serve socio-economic development, including promoting the development of green credit, green banking, contributing to transforming the economy towards green growth, increasing the proportion of bank credit invested in renewable energy projects, clean energy, environmental protection, etc. From 2018 until now, the number of SHB’s funding balance for green projects grew by nearly 150%, much higher than the growth rate of total credit balance of 70%.

Effective and efficient business operations  With stable growth, SHB has been honored in the Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam 2023 for 5 consecutive years.
With effective business operations and stable growth, SHB has been honored in the Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam 2023 for 5 consecutive years.

SHB has been strongly implementing closed-chain financing packages, from distributor financing to suppliers, contributing to promoting Vietnamese businesses to convert projects and loan use purposes to other projects. The project is environmentally friendly, reduces emissions, and meets strict production criteria from big-name distributors in the world; thereby enhancing the competitive advantage of Vietnamese businesses in domestic and international markets.

Actively responding to the policies of the Government and State Bank and accompanying and supporting customers to overcome difficulties, in the period 2022 – 2023, SHB has implemented many preferential credit programs with total limits up to to thousands of billions of dong. Most recently, in November 2023, SHB also reduced lending interest rates for existing customers by up to 2%/year, including both individual and corporate customers, to share with customers in the context of the economy. are facing many difficulties.

At the same time, SHB is also one of the banks that actively participates in bank-business connection programs chaired by the State Bank of Vietnam, and working sessions with business associations to listen to difficulties and problems and work together. Find solutions to solve difficulties for customers. In addition, SHB also proactively provides non-financial solutions, supports connecting input and output markets in the business community, and provides free consulting and training on corporate finance to ensure strategy suitable for the current period.

Along with business activities, with the philosophy of “embedding social responsibility in business”, during 30 years of construction and development, SHB has always actively implemented community responsibility with a series of welfare programs. practical and meaningful social activities such as: supporting people affected by floods, natural disasters, epidemics, supporting hunger eradication and poverty reduction, supporting the development of education, health care, public infrastructure, …with a budget of tens of billions of dong each year.

With practical contributions to the country’s socio-economic development, SHB has been awarded many noble awards by the Party and State: Second-class Labor Medal, Third-class Labor Medal… and many awards. domestic and international reputation. SHB currently ranks in the Top 4 largest private joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 10 most prestigious joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, Top 50 best enterprises in Vietnam, Top 100 banks in the ASEAN region, Top 500 banks with has the largest brand value globally and is one of 10 credit institutions with important influence in the Vietnamese banking system.

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