SeABank continues to green 3 hectares of protective forest in Thanh Hoa, aiming for sustainable development

In 2023, SeABank donated nearly 31,000 trees to localities. Activities aim to increase the rate of forest coverage, greening bare land and bare mountains, contributing to creating value for the community in accordance with one of SeABank’s five core values ​​- For the Community.

With the desire to contribute to supporting forest protection, environmental protection, and combating climate change, contributing to the successful implementation of the Prime Minister’s Decision approving the Project “Planting one billion trees in the period 2021 – 2025”, SeABank’s SeAGreen Fund has decided to donate nearly 6,000 teak and acacia trees equivalent to a 3-hectare planting area to the Nhu Thanh Protection Forest Management Board with a total value of more than 300 million VND for implementation. Planting trees in Nhu Thanh district – Thanh Hoa province.

In particular, the teak tree is a large woody plant with a fast growth rate, high toughness and durability, good bearing capacity, and a very strong adhesion that will help protect the soil, limit natural disasters, and control natural disasters. harmonize the climate and contribute to protecting the ecological environment.

SeABank continues to green 3 hectares of protective forest in Thanh Hoa, aiming for sustainable development - Photo 1

Through this activity, SeABank wishes to contribute to supporting the protection of protective forests while contributing to promoting forest greening and environmental protection in Nhu Thanh district. This is also one of the main activities towards the goal of building a clean green environment and developing a green economy, in accordance with the value of For Community – one of the Bank’s five core values.

In 2023, SeABank launches the annual SeABank Run For The Future 2023 (SeARun 2023) online on the Uprace application to encourage sports training and raise funds to award lifetime scholarships to high schools. for 10 poor, studious students under the Dream Incubation Fund and planted 25,000 trees to protect the environment through the SeAGreen Fund.

Accordingly, SeABank donated 25,000 black star trees with a total value of 500 million VND to the Forest Protection and Development Fund of Dak Lak province to green bare land and bare hills, ensure the environment, and increase forest coverage in two areas. Krong Buk and Ea H’Leo districts. SeABank hopes that these trees will contribute to helping Krong Buk and Ea H’Leo districts cope with climate change and greening bare hills and mountains.

Thus, from 2019 up to now, SeABank has also given nearly 290,000 trees and special-use forest trees to localities, including: 154,000 acacia trees to support afforestation and economic development, promoting the increase of forest area in the district. Huong Son, Ha Tinh; Giving 74,400 trees to revive burned forests at Hong Linh Mountain, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh; 6,000 teak & acacia hybrid trees in Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province; 25,000 black star plants in Krong Buk and Ea H’Leo districts, Dak Lak province; Donating 28,000 melaleuca trees to Lang Sen Conservation Area (Long An) to support increasing the area of ​​melaleuca planting, preserving typical local wetland biodiversity resources;…

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