Requires reporting on stock market upgrade before June 30

The directive clearly states that in the coming time, it is forecast that the world and domestic situation will still have many difficulties and challenges, and will continue to develop in a complicated and unpredictable manner; putting great pressure on the direction and management of implementing socio-economic development tasks, especially in the first months of 2024.

The Prime Minister requests relevant ministries, agencies, localities, collectives and individuals, according to their assigned functions, tasks and powers, to immediately focus on handling public affairs after the Lunar New Year holiday in Giap Thin. work, do not let delays affect production, business and socio-economic activities, especially for backlogged work due to the Tet holiday.


In particular, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Planning and Investment to preside and coordinate with the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to urgently handle problems in the field of responsibility to meet the standards. Plan to upgrade the stock market from frontier to emerging market, reporting to the Prime Minister on implementation results before June 30, 2024.

The Prime Minister also requested that the Ministry of Planning and Investment be assigned to preside over and coordinate with agencies and localities to monitor progress, urge and promote disbursement implementation by ministries, central agencies and localities. promptly report to the Government and the Prime Minister to promulgate comprehensive and timely solutions to flexibly and effectively operate the 2024 public investment plan.

Based on the proposals of ministries, agencies and localities, review, synthesize and report to the Prime Minister in February 2024 on extending the time to allocate capital for projects assigned to the Investment Plan. Medium-term public private sector period 2021 – 2025, ensuring compliance with regulations.

With the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister requested to preside over and coordinate with agencies and localities to operate reasonable, focused and key expansion fiscal policies. Focus on effectively implementing financial and state budget tasks in 2024; Strictly manage revenue sources; Thoroughly save expenses, especially regular expenses and expenses that are not really urgent according to Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP of the Government, Directive No. 01/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister; Propose a plan to use the source of increased central budget revenue in 2023 in accordance with the provisions of the State Budget Law and the directions of the Government and Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Finance coordinates with the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, relevant agencies and localities to review and implement the export of rice from the national reserve to support people during the early crop shortage period. 2024, ensuring timeliness and compliance with regulations. At the same time, direct the State Treasury to make payments for completed volumes to investors, promote payment through online public services of the State Treasury; Open and transparent in the process of processing documents, ensuring smooth and continuous transactions, avoiding backlog of payment documents without clear reasons and incurring costs for the investor.


The Prime Minister requested the State Bank of Vietnam to preside over and coordinate with agencies and localities to operate monetary policy proactively, flexibly, promptly, effectively, and coordinate synchronously, closely and harmoniously. with a reasonable, focused and focused expansionary fiscal policy and other policies that contribute to stabilizing the macroeconomy, promoting growth, controlling inflation, stabilizing the monetary and foreign exchange markets and banking system.

Along with that, manage interest rates in accordance with macroeconomic balance, inflation and monetary policy goals; continue to strive to reduce lending interest rates. Urgently summarize Decree No. 24/2012/ND-CP dated April 3, 2021 on management of gold business activities; Propose solutions to effectively manage the gold market in the new situation, completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Managing credit growth in 2024 to about 15%, with adjustments appropriate to macroeconomic developments, inflation and meeting the capital needs of the economy. Continue to direct credit institutions to review and simplify procedures, loan applications, collateral, create favorable conditions for accessing bank credit, lower lending interest rates, and ensure Ensuring safe and effective lending activities, contributing to limiting “black credit”.

Continue to implement solutions to deploy credit programs of 120 trillion VND for loans to develop social housing, worker housing, renovate and rebuild old apartment buildings; 15 trillion VND for forestry and fishery products.


The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to preside over and coordinate with agencies and localities to focus on promoting and putting into operation industrial production projects to serve export and domestic consumption. Urge the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and oil and gas contractors to deploy oil and gas search, exploration and exploitation activities in 2024 according to the approved plan; Vietnam Coal and Minerals Group increased domestic mining output to meet electricity production requirements.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also continues to direct Vietnam Electricity Group to speed up procedures and relocate high-voltage power lines to meet the construction progress of transportation sector projects; focus on removing difficulties, striving to soon put into operation power grid projects in 2024, especially the 500Kv circuit 3 line from Quang Trach (Quang Binh) to Pho Noi (Hung Yen); Direct the safe and effective operation of the power transmission system, ensuring adequate electricity supply for production, business and people’s daily life…

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development presides and coordinates with agencies and localities to closely monitor weather developments to promptly warn, direct and guide localities to have agricultural production and business plans. suitable products, ensuring irrigation water, supplies and input materials; successfully completed the production plan for the Winter-Spring rice crop.

Regularly and proactively direct quality management and ensure food safety and hygiene for agricultural, forestry and fishery products. Actively support localities to connect and consume agricultural, forestry and fishery products.


The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Transport to preside over and coordinate with agencies and localities to direct and ensure the arrangement of enough vehicles to serve the people’s post-Tet travel needs; improve the quality of passenger transport services, reduce delays and cancellations in air transport; Absolutely do not let passengers return to work or study without transportation.

Effectively deploy solutions to control and minimize traffic accidents and traffic jams, proactively organize traffic, remotely separate traffic lanes, and clear toll stations (open barriers) to clear vehicles when accidents occur. The longest congestion occurs on routes connecting Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and major traffic hubs; Require transport units to comply with traffic rules and prevent accidents on steep mountain passes and at railway crossings; Strengthen inspection and strictly handle violations that cause traffic accidents.

Direct the Investor to request contractors to coordinate with localities to soon complete procedures for mine allocation to ensure reserves and capacity so that they can be exploited to serve the construction of the North-South Expressway project in the East phase. The period 2021 – 2025 meets the required progress. Implement plans for maintenance, repair, and improvement of traffic safety of the traffic infrastructure network; Review and handle potential black spots for traffic accidents; Reviewing additional installation and upgrading of anti-glare barriers on National Highway 1A, key national highways and expressways

Strengthen inspection and urge investors to direct contractors to focus resources and organize construction of “3 shifts, 4 crews” to ensure completion of 2 component projects of Dien Chau – Bai Vot, Cam Lam – Vinh Hao followed the schedule requested by the Prime Minister; Urging contractors to implement the construction of component projects of the North – South expressway in the period 2021 – 2025, Khanh Hoa – Buon Ma Thuot and Bien Hoa – Vung Tau according to the set plan.

Coordinate closely with governing bodies, competent authorities, and localities to speed up investment preparation progress and soon start construction of key, inter-regional projects such as Hoa Binh Expressway. – Moc Chau, Ninh Binh – Hai Phong, Gia Nghia – Chon Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City – Moc Bai, Dau Giay – Tan Phu, Tan Phu – Bao Loc, Bao Loc – Lien Khuong.

Request to report to the Prime Minister in February 2024 the results of testing the use of sea sand as road embankment material, clearly concluding that the use of sea sand meets the technical requirements for high-speed motorable roads. speed up to propose replication for key and nationally important transportation projects, especially in the Mekong Delta region.

The Ministry of Construction presides and coordinates with agencies and localities to urgently organize a National Conference on social housing in February 2024; Focus resources on completing, ensuring quality and progress as required for guiding documents on the Housing Law (amended) and the Real Estate Business Law (amended); Soon provide guidance on methods for determining the price of materials at mines exploited according to a specific mechanism so that localities can announce prices as a basis for investors to approve payment prices to contractors.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment presides over and coordinates with relevant agencies to strengthen monitoring, forecasting, and hydrometeorological warnings, promptly providing information to serve planning and production organization. ; Guide and direct inspection of environmental protection work at festivals and tourist sites. Direct localities and reservoir owners to implement inter-reservoir operation procedures, ensure optimal and effective exploitation of water sources for production and daily life, and proactively reserve water for peak dry season months. …

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