Quang Ngai’s state budget revenue increased by 22.3% compared to estimate

Notably, the highest revenue was from the operations of Dung Quat Oil Refinery, estimated at 12,036 billion VND, equal to 177.4% of the estimate; Land use fee collection is estimated at 1,200 billion VND, of which the provincial level collects 656 billion VND, the district level collects 544 billion VND; The remaining revenues are estimated at 6,761 billion VND, equal to 107.6% of the estimate, equal to 104.9% of the implementation in 2022.

Some domestic revenues also reached high levels such as: revenue from the central state-owned enterprise sector was estimated at 12,301 billion VND, equal to 173.9% of the estimate; Revenue from this area increased compared to the estimate assigned by the Provincial People’s Council of VND 5,225 billion, mainly increasing revenue from the activities of Dung Quat Oil Refinery. It is expected that in 2023, Dung Quat Oil Refinery will consume 7.04 million tons of products.

According to the assessment report, in 2023, world crude oil prices will increase, with an average estimate for the whole year at about 88 USD/barrel (in that warehouse, the crude oil price when the Provincial People’s Committee assigned the estimate was 70 USD/barrel), leading to Revenue from operations of Dung Quat Oil Refinery exceeded 77.4% of the provincial estimate, contributing to increasing state budget revenue in the area.

Scene of the 20th session of the People's Council of Quang Ngu province in the 13th
Scene of the 20th session of Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Council, term XIII

Revenue from enterprises with foreign investment (FDI) also reached high levels, estimated at 837 billion VND, equal to 147.9% of the estimate, equal to 159.4% over the same period. Highly exceeding the assigned estimate and compared to the same period, mainly exceeding revenue from Doosan Vina Joint Stock Company.

Revenue from the non-state-owned industry, trade and service sector is estimated at 3,466 billion VND, equal to 108.3% of the assigned estimate; In which: Revenue from Saigon – Quang Ngai Beer Joint Stock Company: Expected to consume 159 million liters for the whole year, contributing 1,870 billion VND to the budget, reaching 113.5% of the assigned estimate; Revenue from Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company, taxes paid to the whole year’s budget is 416 billion VND, reaching 110.6% of the estimate.

The remaining revenue from businesses and individuals is estimated to be 1,132 billion VND for the whole year, reaching 100.4% of the estimate, an increase of 7.7% over the same period. Of which, revenue from individual businesses was 68.5 billion VND, an increase of 44.4% over the same period; Personal income tax is estimated at 500 billion VND, equal to 100% of the estimate…

Some areas of low revenue such as environmental protection tax are estimated to collect 515 billion VND, equal to 69.6% of the estimate, mainly due to the impact of reducing 50% of environmental protection tax on gasoline and oil products according to the law. Resolution 30/2022/UBTVQH15 of the National Assembly (while the estimate delivered at the beginning of the year does not include a 50% reduction in Environmental Protection tax). Land use fee collection is estimated at 1,200 billion VND (of which land use fee collection is 143 billion VND), equal to 46.7% of the estimate.

Reasons why some revenues did not meet assigned estimates such as: Registration fees, environmental protection taxes, land use fees, fees and charges. The Government has issued a number of tax exemption and reduction policies (such as reducing output VAT from 10% to 8%; reducing environmental protection tax on gasoline and oil products…) to support people, Enterprises have overcome difficulties and restored business development, which has reduced state budget revenue in some revenue sources and taxes.

In addition, the collection of revenues from rearranging and handling state-owned houses and land and collecting land use fees does not ensure the assigned estimates have affected the implementation of investment expenditure tasks from capital sources. This.

Mr. Dang Van Minh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province, said that in 2023, the domestic economic situation is still complicated, businesses in the province also face many difficulties, the Provincial Tax Department has applied many measures. Flexibility such as: For businesses that comply well with tax laws but encounter financial difficulties, commit to paying tax debt gradually, and at the same time direct units to promote debt collection and enforcement measures. tax debt according to the provisions of law, drastically handle and recover tax debt from businesses that are tardy in fulfilling their obligations to the state budget, reduce tax debt… Therefore, Quang Ngai province carries out its tasks State budget revenue in 2023 exceeds the estimate assigned by the Central Government.

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