PVcomBank deploys a preferential loan package to “support” import-export businesses

According to program information, businesses record import and export activities within the most recent 6 months up to the time of loan proposal; Having experience in the business field for 2 years or more will meet the conditions for incentives with loan interest rates from only 7.5%/year at PVcomBank, applicable to a variety of customers operating in export. imports such as: exporting rice, meat, seafood, coffee, agricultural products, handicrafts…; Importing beverages, household appliances, machinery, electronic equipment, cosmetics, petroleum, construction materials…

As the owner of a furniture trading company, Ms. Hoang Anh (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) often has a need to use capital to import new types of goods and designs. She shared, “PVcomBank’s credit package not only offers preferential interest rates, helping businesses easily access capital, but also offers free early repayment and preferential exchange rates, suitable for a flexible business model.” operates like my business. In addition, businesses also benefit when they need to transact, make payments, and transfer money internationally.”

It is known that the payment incentives that Ms. Hoang Anh mentioned are part of PVcomBank’s incentive program for international money transfer services for institutional customers in the fields of trade finance, import-export, taking place. until June 30, 2024.

In particular, import-export businesses using international payment services will receive free money transfer fees from PVcomBank for the first 3 international money transfer transactions, with a 50% discount from subsequent transactions.

For domestic payment service fees, PVcomBank also reduces cash transaction fees, domestic money transfer fees, and tally fees by up to 50%. This offer applies to new customers who do not have a CIF at PVcomBank, open an account and have at least 1 international payment transaction during the program period. In addition, businesses also receive a free digital payment account (VND or USD) from the Bank.

For institutional customers in the form of trade finance, PVcomBank applies a policy of 50% reduction in service fees for Export Letters of Credit, Import Letters of Credit, Export Collection, Import Collection, and Export CAD. , CDA imports when transferring money internationally on “golden days” every Wednesday.

The import-export market is expected to recover strongly in 2024.
The import-export market is expected to recover strongly in 2024.

PVcomBank representative emphasized, “In the second half of 2023 and entering the early period of 2024, the import-export market has returned to bustle, recording positive growth from businesses in many different fields. With the goal of supporting institutional customers to access solid financial resources, meeting the development needs of domestic and international markets, PVcomBank proactively deployed a credit package worth VND 2,000 billion and many more. Preferential policies on interest rates and exchange rates, thereby hopefully helping businesses solve capital problems, creating the necessary foundation to seize business opportunities, expand market share and develop sales.” .

Also according to the Bank representative, PVcomBank currently also provides a number of international money transfer solutions in the form of “combo”, by value (BizBlock) or by time (BizMax3612), helping businesses easily save costs. operating costs, manage cash flow effectively in the current period.

On the other hand, PVcomBank’s continuous push to digitize more processes regarding paperwork and procedures… also contributes to creating conditions for institutional customers to quickly access appropriate financial products and services. , flexible response depending on needs.

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