Prime Minister: In difficult times, if real estate businesses still want to maintain selling prices, do they have a shared responsibility?

Also attending the conference were Deputy Prime Ministers: Le Minh Khai, Tran Hong Ha; ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies; leaders of ministries and branches.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the conference, the Prime Minister emphasized that today’s conference has the same spirit as the “Dien Hong” conference to discuss removing difficulties in capital for the economy, opening up capital sources for production and business, thereby promoting growth and macroeconomic stability.

The Prime Minister stated clearly that banks and businesses are located in an economic ecosystem. The development of banks and businesses are related to each other and to the development of the economy. If the economy develops, banks and businesses will develop, and vice versa, if banks and businesses develop, the country will develop. Each person, each subject must have the same responsibility, “contributing to the wind becoming a storm” for the country to overcome difficulties, only then can each person, each subject overcome the difficulties, and have common development.

According to the Prime Minister, the Bank also has favorable and profitable times, so in difficult times it must be shared with people and businesses.

The Prime Minister raised the question: Policy must be very flexible, we do not lower lending conditions, but can we be flexible? There are businesses facing difficulties, but their projects are feasible, can they lend?

Analyzing further, the Prime Minister said that real estate businesses are complaining of difficulty accessing capital. But in recent years, real estate prices have increased in general. If there are difficulties and you still want to keep the selling price the same, still demanding “one-way”, is there a shared responsibility?

According to the Prime Minister, when it is normal, there must be normal policies, when it is not normal, there must be abnormal policies. In difficult times, we must have policies in the spirit of “harmonious benefits, shared risks” to be appropriate, correct, and promote development.

Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac.
Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac.

The Prime Minister affirmed that to find a solution to the credit problem, overcome difficulties together, and develop together, in the spirit of “harmonious benefits, shared risks”, each delegate needs to speak frankly. , look straight at the truth, listen and absorb each other’s opinions; promote solidarity to contribute together and require sacrifice and concession; High determination, great effort, focused action, focus, no matter what you do.

The Prime Minister further noted that Vietnam is building a market economy with a socialist orientation, our economy is transforming, the scale is still modest, the openness is large, and the resilience is still limited, so Actions must be cautious, firm, and appropriate steps, but there must be a roadmap to increasingly use market tools rather than administrative tools, moving towards a full market, according to international standards.

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