Online sales tax collected nearly 540 billion VND, over a thousand business entities on the floor were fined

According to data in the e-commerce White Paper of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the total value of e-commerce goods and consumption in Vietnam achieved outstanding growth, increasing from 8 billion USD in 2020 to 16.4 billion USD. 2022. With the ability to grow 35%/year, the market size is expected to reach 21.3 billion USD in 2023 and 57 billion USD in 2025.

Currently, about 60% of the population participates in shopping, equivalent to 57 – 60 million consumers shopping online.


Experts say that e-commerce activities have completely changed traditional shopping methods. In particular, e-commerce business, digital-based business and other services are performed by overseas suppliers that do not have a permanent establishment in the host country.

However, overseas suppliers often delay or have difficulty fulfilling tax obligations directly or authorizing tax registration, tax declaration, and tax payment in the host country.

Besides, more and more individuals and business households earn “huge” income from platforms such as Youtube, Google, Facebook… or on e-commerce platforms.

However, with the rapid and explosive development and many new forms of e-commerce and digital platforms, it also poses many new challenges in tax management.

According to feedback, local tax authorities have difficulty fully managing revenue sources, identifying tax payers, determining tax bases, clearly distinguishing types of income as a basis for taxation. Controlling business transactions to manage tax collectors and controlling cash flow is not easy.

With many innovations in tax management, in 2023, budget revenue in the field of e-commerce and digital business will increase sharply and this is one of the 10 outstanding events of Vietnam’s tax industry. voted by the General Department of Taxation.

“In 2023, revenue from e-commerce for domestic organizations and individuals will reach 536.5 billion VND. At the same time, tax authorities have collected and handled violations for 179 businesses. and 1,061 individuals with business activities on the e-commerce trading floor, with an amount of about 275 billion VND.”

General Department of Taxation.

Accordingly, after nearly 1 year of operating the “E-commerce information portal” (December 15, 2022), by the end of 2023, the tax authority has recorded 357 e-commerce trading floors providing provide information.

According to regulations, organizations established and operating under Vietnamese law are the owners of e-commerce platforms and are responsible for providing fully, accurately and on time according to regulations to the tax authority the information of the commerce. individuals, organizations, and individuals that conduct part or all of the process of buying and selling goods and services on the e-commerce trading floor.

This means that the e-commerce platform is responsible for providing information and issuing invoices on the e-commerce platform to the authorities but has no obligation to pay taxes on behalf of the seller.

Notably, information provided by the General Department of Taxation shows the effectiveness of implementing the “E-commerce information data portal” when declaring tax amounts of businesses and individuals with business activities on the floor. E-commerce transactions in 2023 increase compared to the same period in 2022.


In addition, the operation of the Electronic Information Portal for foreign suppliers has made Vietnam one of the leading countries in the ASEAN region in collecting taxes from electronic information portals for suppliers. cross-border foreign supply.

The tax industry continues to achieve many results in tax management for e-commerce activities and foreign suppliers. Up to now, there have been 74 foreign suppliers registered, declared and paid taxes through the Electronic Information Portal for foreign suppliers.

“The total tax paid by foreign suppliers is 8,096 billion VND, of which 6,896 billion VND was declared and paid directly through the Electronic Information Portal and 1,200 billion VND was deducted and paid on behalf of Vietnamese parties.” , the General Department of Taxation stated.

The cumulative revenue from e-commerce activities through organizations in Vietnam declared on behalf of contractors from 2018 to the end of 2022 is over 5,500 billion VND, an average of over 1,200 billion VND/year.

Thus, since the operation of the electronic information portal for foreign suppliers (March 21, 2022) until now, foreign suppliers have voluntarily registered, declared and paid direct taxes of more than 10,000 billion. copper.

To continue to strengthen tax management, in 2024, the General Department of Taxation will continue to provide unified guidance on receiving and processing information from domestic e-commerce trading floors, towards full management. tax payers and tax revenue sources, avoiding revenue loss from this potential field.

In addition, to promote digital transformation, the tax industry has deployed digital map applications such as digital maps of land prices, real estate transfer prices, digital maps of mineral mines, digital maps household business.

Particularly, the business household number map has been built and deployed on the Etax Mobile application to help tax authorities manage taxpayers visually and grasp the area well.

From there, tax authorities collect correctly, fully, and promptly, prevent omissions, prevent loss of budget revenue, and at the same time strengthen the supervisory role of the people and between business households, creating fairness, transparent.

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