“Leading generation” creates the next chapter of insurance consultants


According to Mr. Ngo Trung Dung, Deputy General Secretary of the Insurance Association of Vietnam (IAV), “insurance consulting is considered one of the important professions at present and in the future. As society develops, the need for financial management through insurance programs will increase. Therefore, consultants act as a bridge between customers and insurance companies, helping to create effective financial pillars.”

In addition to the strategy of building a team of professional consultants and the efforts of each consultant, the culture of leading and accompanying consultants also contributes significantly to strengthening the “bridge” This is really solid.

As part of its strategy to build a team of quality consultants to bring the best service and experience to customers, Prudential has implemented many programs so that consultants can support and accompany each other in their work. job.

Managing a team of nearly 40 people at Prudential since April 2023, Mr. Nguyen Trieu Hai Dang is not only enthusiastic about his team management role but also dedicated to passing on his experience to the next generation of consultants. His experiences in the profession help him understand that his consultants always need encouragement and inspiration to be able to pursue their work, especially in the early stages of their career.

“It is important for a manager to know how to help consultants overcome initial barriers and build solid expertise. Only when inspired by enthusiasm will consultants be motivated to stick with the profession for a long time, as well as develop themselves to achieve many important milestones in their career,” Mr. Dang said.

Sharing about the precarious period in her career, Prudential’s lifelong MDRT – Ms. Tran Thi My always believes in being rational: “If you feel you are doing well enough, don’t be swallowed by pressure. For new consultants, I often advise you like that. When rejected, most people feel confused. But calm down, use your most calm and confident attitude, try to sympathize with the customer’s thoughts, then face and solve the problem.”

And the fastest way to overcome barriers is to learn from actual collisions. Therefore, consultant managers will prioritize creating opportunities for their peers to accompany them in customer consulting sessions, maintaining the habit of sharing experiences after each session to shape their consulting style. each of you.

This way of companionship is very effective in motivating young people – one of the important factors for counselors when entering the profession. Only then will consultants be enthusiastic enough to stay and stick around for a long time. This is especially true for insurance consulting work, which is often subject to a lot of pressure from customers.

Thanks to Mr. Dang’s guidance and many of the best support policies, Ms. Pham Thi My Duyen soon adapted to her new job at Prudential. Throughout this journey, Mr. Dang always accompanied and shared his experiences to help her develop her own strengths, thereby improving her consulting skills and asking questions to find out customers’ tastes,… After more After 1 year, Ms. Duyen successfully surpassed the “limit to break through” and reaped meaningful achievements in her career.

Ms. Pham Thi My Duyen, Head of PRUVenture With Prudential Sales Department.
Ms. Pham Thi My Duyen, Head of Sales for PRUVenture With Prudential channel.

Although Prudential has recently launched mentoring programs to lead mentees, consultants who have been in the profession for a long time have always been aware of their responsibility to pass on the fire to the next generations.


Thorough training and support for new consultants is just a small step in a long journey in improving the consulting quality of the entire industry. The further goal is for the generation of MDRT consultants to constantly strive to prove their expertise and continue to advance their careers to become part of the all-powerful team of consultants.

“For the insurance market, many people will evaluate insurance companies based on the number of agents recognized with internationally prestigious titles. The more agents that are awarded MDRT, COT, TOT… titles, the more professional they are considered,” IAV Deputy Secretary General shared.

Sharing about his team, Mr. Dang said: “I focus on building a repeat generation of MDRT, which means you still maintain the title in the 2nd year, the 3rd year and even the title. lifetime mark.” Because according to Mr. Dang, MDRT is the clearest proof of the professionalism, ability and extensive knowledge of its team of quality consultants.

This is not only a guideline for Mr. Dang’s team, but more broadly, this is also Prudential’s strategic direction. Consultants are always given opportunities to upgrade themselves through training programs appropriate to each career stage to reach the goal of achieving MDRT.

Typically, the MDRT Furnace program improves knowledge and sales skills, while MDRT Premier trains advanced skills for top MDRT subjects. These Prudential programs have created conditions for outstanding MDRTs to share their experiences, motivating other consultants to maintain their titles.

MDRT Prudential Vietnam Ranking 2023.
MDRT Prudential Vietnam Ranking 2023.

Currently, Prudential Vietnam is the leading enterprise in the domestic market with 1,976 MDRT members, according to 2023 statistics of the Million Dollar Round Table Association (MDRT) as of June 2023. This is also the enterprise that recorded the highest MDRT growth rate and number of annual repeat MDRTs in Vietnam. In 2023 alone, worldwide, Prudential Vietnam ranks in the top 6 in terms of number of MDRTs.

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