Hot girl Hang Ha Bi (Thu Hang), burns people’s eyes without fire…

Hang Habi’s real name is Pham Thu Hang, she is a beautiful and extremely talented girl. Currently, Hang Habi is a freelance photo model, a beauty blogger and also a content creator specializing in beauty care on YouTube.Hang Habi has an extremely beautiful face with a high nose bridge, big round eyes and a charming smile. Not only that, Hang Habi also possesses a well-proportioned body with an impressive height of 1m68, perfect measurements and radiant white skin, so Hang Habi always leaves a strong impression in everyone’s hearts from the first time. first meet.
With the advantage of a beautiful face and attractive appearance, Hang Habi tried her hand at working as a freelance photo model. She received many invitations from famous fashion and cosmetic brands. This job gives Hang Habi valuable photography skills and she also earns a significant amount of income to buy her favorite items.

(Hang Habi) and 31 other beauties show off their beauty at the program “Hot with World Cup 2022” – a program that is very attracting audiences. Hang wears the Australian team shirt. Hopefully, with her beauty, confidence, personality and dynamism, she will bring the strong and seductive energy of the beautiful country of Australia… is a website introducing Vietnamese girls, proud of the beauty of Vietnamese girls with millions of photos and information about Vietnamese girls, this is the largest and most popular website in the field. this area in Vietnam.

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