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How long does it take for former President Trump’s Lamborghini supercar to be auctioned successfully?

The Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster supercar that once belonged to the former US president has [...]

What makes the Honda CR-V increase its value to nearly 10 billion VND?

Recently, a Honda CR-V in Cao Bang attracted attention with a beautiful license plate priced [...]

Cristiano Ronaldo added a new supercar from Ferrari, costing nearly 2 million dollars if purchased in Vietnam

The former Real Madrid player just attracted attention when sharing on his personal page when [...]

New method to fight electric vehicle fires, effective, environmentally friendly but expensive

Extinguishing a fire from an electric vehicle is not easy, especially if it starts from [...]

The last Bugatti Chiron to leave the factory, no Vietnamese tycoon has paid to own it yet

The French car company has just introduced the last Bugatti Chiron to a Canadian giant [...]

The unlucky number plate 49.53 was also successfully auctioned, the closing price was somewhat surprising

Owning an unlucky license plate is something no one wants, but a license plate number [...]

Another Lamborghini Urus car is used as a police car, but only for patrolling

Although famous for its powerful fleet of supercars, Dubai police recently added a Lamborghini Urus [...]

In the future, Mazda’s interior will be somewhat similar to Toyota’s to optimize costs

Due to limited financial resources, two Japanese car companies, Mazda and Toyota, will jointly develop [...]

Who is driving the car in the opposite direction on My Thuan – Can Tho highway?

After a video of a car driving in the opposite direction on My Thuan – [...]

Ngoc Trinh was prosecuted and could be sentenced to 2 to 7 years in prison

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Procuracy has issued an indictment, prosecuting Tran Thi Ngoc [...]