AI applications improve customer experience, shaping the future of the insurance industry

FWD Insurance Group has announced the expansion of its partnership with Microsoft through a four-year agreement, providing access to the latest generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations, while continuing to support Supporting cloud technology strategy is a priority at FWD.

It is known that FWD started its AI application journey in 2019 and currently has nearly 200 AI models being applied across the entire corporation, with more than 600 AI use cases being implemented in practice.

Mr. Ryan Kim, FWD Deputy General Manager of Digital, said: “Digital innovation has always been at the heart of FWD’s vision of changing the way people feel about insurance. This partnership combines FWD’s pioneering spirit in Asia with some of the world’s fastest growing insurance markets, with Microsoft’s global scale and capabilities in technology and AI.”

“FWD believes that applying future technology innovations to establish standards and practical AI deployment models for the insurance industry will help the Group shape the insurance experience journey in the future,” Mr. Ryan Kim said.

Applying AI smart technology to insurance is  inevitable trend in digital transformation, enhancing customer experience.
Applying AI smart technology to insurance is an inevitable trend in digital transformation and improving customer experience.

FWD Group said it always strives to enhance customer experience and improve activities in the fields of takeover, marketing, quality management of distribution channels and financial consulting, appraisal, and rights settlement. Insurance and customer care. FWD is one of the early adopters of Copilot for Microsoft 365, an AI assistant that supports employees’ daily work.

And Mr. Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, Global Financial Services at Microsoft, said: “AI is driving transformation in the financial services industry, opening up new opportunities for innovation. and grow your business flexibly at scale.”

Mr. Bill Borden commented that the partnership in the field of AI with FWD is further strengthened through Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot for Microsoft 365, which will help improve customer experience as well as ensure business operations. do business safely and responsibly.

As a region with an important role in the global financial sector, Asia-Pacific is known for its dynamism and adaptability, contributing to promoting growth and innovation. Microsoft is committed to empowering customers in the region with responsible generative AI.

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