ABBANK strengthens support for SME businesses to boost business in 2024

With the goal of becoming the main transaction bank to help SMEs develop their business sustainably, ABBANK always focuses on researching and analyzing the specifics of each industry to provide specialized and effective financial solutions. .

This is also an action that demonstrates ABBANK’s commitment to accompanying the SME business community – a force that accounts for over 97% of businesses nationwide, attracting about 32% of total capital, generating about 26% of net revenue. % of total net revenue of the business sector (according to data from the General Statistics Office in 2023).


Mr. Pham Duy Hieu, Acting General Director of ABBANK said: “When the financial products of banks have developed at an almost similar level, the bank’s deep understanding of the industry and specific business activities Your business is the difference that makes you choose to stick with it. Therefore, ABBANK chooses an in-depth approach instead of just aiming to expand the scale of reaching businesses.”

In 2023, the business community has undergone many “tests” amid challenges from global supply chain disruptions as well as the impacts of Vietnam’s post-Covid economy. To quickly support businesses in implementing their business plans, right from the end of 2023 and early 2024, ABBANK has implemented many credit incentive programs as well as fee packages to share and help businesses reduce costs. Reduce the burden of capital costs and be proactive in cash flow management.

“Industry understanding – Superior solutions”, a comprehensive program of financial solutions based on industry understanding, has been and will continue to be implemented for 8 industry groups identified by ABBANK as playing an important role. for economic development as well as social security stability.

SME enterprises in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries  Medical equipment will be funded by ABBANK up to 90% of the time.  economic contract value, loan to real estate ratio;  Debt rights up to 85% and  Many special advantages regarding the product.
SME businesses in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry will be sponsored by ABBANK up to 90% of the economic contract value, the loan ratio for assets that are debt collection rights is up to 85% and many specialized incentives. fee difference.

Specifically, for manufacturing and trading enterprises in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries, ABBANK introduces a comprehensive financial solution package based on the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, such as: In terms of credit, limited The credit level does not require collateral assets, is funded up to 90% of the economic contract value, the loan ratio for assets that are debt collection rights is up to 85%. In terms of transactions, businesses are supported up to 50% of international payment fees, domestic guarantee fees/financial arrangement commitments along with preferential exchange rates.

For businesses that are construction contractors, install machinery and equipment, supply raw materials, machinery and equipment for bidding packages/projects using state budget/ODA capital. …, ABBANK receives funding guaranteed up to 100% by debt collection rights, loan rate for other fixed assets up to 99% of asset value, deposit rate for L/C issuance, priority guarantee incentives, no deposit required for warranty guarantees and bid guarantees.

WORKING side by side with businesses to promote domestic and international trade activities

In addition to preferential credit policies, policies on service fees to support the business community in promoting trade are also focused on being implemented by ABBANK for 2024. We can mention the companion program on cross-border fees. Throughout 2024 “Zero-fee account – Transaction as you wish” was positively received by businesses.

Accordingly, when businesses choose to transact at ABBANK, account transaction fees are exempted/reduced such as: Internet Banking money transfer fee, electronic tax payment fee/24/7 Customs tax, maintenance fee/ Account management, salary payment fees through accounts at ABBANK, Business card issuance fees, Beautiful account numbers, credit commitment fees, SMS Banking fees… Preferential fees are applied for each SME businesses are classified based on frequency of transactions or average account balance.

In addition, from March until the end of 2024, ABBANK will also apply preferential fee policies to businesses operating in the field of import and export. Some highlights that businesses are very interested in include: businesses that transact with ABBANK for the first time receive free payment for all international payment transactions in the first month from the time of activating the international payment transaction. / trade finance at ABBANK. For businesses transacting at ABBANK, the fee reduction policy is also applied up to 80% and up to 6 months from the time of application.


In addition to preferential policies and programs that meet the timely needs of businesses, ABBANK focuses on building partnership relationships associated with long-term benefits and trust of businesses.

The Loyalty SME program, implemented from 2023, has helped many businesses enjoy more benefits from this program. Depending on the amount of business transactions at ABBANK, businesses will receive benefits corresponding to the following groups: Business, Diamond and Gold, in which the Business group will receive the most valuable privileges.

Businesses in the group are cared for with gratitude gifts during holidays, Tet, and meaningful days of the business during the year; preferential interest rate and competitive fee policies; to credit card facilities for businesses with attractive limits. In the coming time, ABBANK will continue to spread this program to a larger SME business community.

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