Nearly 6,000 VinFast VF 5 Plus units have a headlight switch error

VinFast has now reported information and requested approval for the plan to implement the VF 5 Plus vehicle recall program to the Vietnam Register because of a malfunctioning headlight switch.

A notice from the company said that through periodic product testing and analysis, VinFast discovered that the front lights on some VF 5 Plus vehicles may be turned off if the driver pushes the combination switch (lever) hard. left hand) to activate the left turn signal, potentially temporarily reducing visibility.


The above phenomenon only occurs when the vehicle is operating at a speed of 50-55 km/h in the evening and the lights are turned on in automatic mode (AUTO – automatically turns on when it gets dark). After the driver turns off the left turn signal, the front lights work normally again. The phenomenon does not occur if the driver turns on the light in normal mode, not using AUTO mode.

After coordinating with relevant parties to thoroughly investigate and verify, VinFast determined that the cause of the above phenomenon was due to a control circuit board design error from the component supplier. Specifically, in the combination switch there is a control circuit board with a shorter contact area in AUTO mode than in the remaining positions.


During use, the contact pin may move out, causing loss of signal, causing the front lights to turn off temporarily. The solution is that the supplier will produce a new combination switch with a control circuit board with suitable contact surfaces to replace for free for the customer.

Up to now, VinFast has recorded 1 case of vehicles sold on the market with this error, but no problems have occurred. To ensure the highest safety for customers as well as comply with strict and professional quality control procedures, VinFast decided to implement a recall program for all 5,912 VF 5 Plus vehicles manufactured and sold in Vietnam. Vietnam.

Currently, VinFast has reported information and requested approval for the plan to implement the VF 5 Plus vehicle recall program to the Vietnam Register. It is expected that from February 19, 2024, customers can bring their cars to VinFast showrooms and service workshops nationwide to have the combination switch checked and replaced for free.

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