Lower than expectations, Mitsubishi Xforce only achieved more than 1/3 of planned sales in Indonesia

Even in the largest auto market in Southeast Asia, Mitsubishi’s rookie has only sold more than 2,700 cars, much lower than the previously set target.

At the GIIAS 2023 exhibition, the Director of Mitsubishi Indonesia said “We are very confident we can achieve our sales target of 10,000 vehicles by the end of this year.” However, actual sales of Mitsubishi Xforce in the Indonesian market are much lower than the target number.


According to sales data, in 2023, only 2,723 Mitsubishi Xforce units will be delivered to users in Indonesia – the largest auto market in Southeast Asia. With this sales power, rookie Xforce is only ranked 6th in the B-size SUV segment.

Previously, this car model had received deposits from May 2023, but the company did not start handing over until November 2023, so there is still not enough data to reflect the appeal of this car model. Also in 2023, Honda HR-V is the best-selling car model in Indonesia with 26,856 vehicles delivered, accounting for nearly 45% of the market share.


Ranked second is Hyundai Creta with 8,315 vehicles, accounting for about 14% of the market share, which is somewhat contrary to the Vietnamese market. Ranked 3rd is also a new rookie, Toyota Yaris Cross with sales of 7,540 vehicles, equivalent to a market share of more than 12%. The remaining positions are Wuling Alvez, Chery Omoda 5, Mazda CX-3, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Suzuki Jimny, MG ZS.

It can be seen that user trends in Indonesia are somewhat different from Vietnam. Because according to domestic sales data, Hyundai Creta is the leading car model in the market with 10,719 cars, followed by Toyota Corolla Cross with 10,485 cars, Kia Seltos with 9,663 cars, Honda HR-V with 3,804 cars, and finally Toyota Yaris Cross has 3,065 vehicles.

In Vietnam, Mitsubishi Xforce has just officially launched with a selling price of 620 – 699 million VND for 3 versions GLX, Exceed, Premium. As for the Ultimate high-end version, the selling price has not been announced, and the company will not deliver the car until March 2024.

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