VinFast VF 5 appeared at the Indonesian port, with details that are backward compared to the Vietnamese market

The duo VF e34 and VF 5 have just been discovered at a port in Indonesia, however there are a few details that are different from the version sold in Vietnam.

Accordingly, these images were posted on social networking groups, so many people discovered details that were different from the car in the Vietnamese market. For example, the VinFast VF 5 model has black iron wheels, the VF e34 has black painted wheels and rear bumper.


There is currently no information from the company responding to the above incident, but it can be judged that these are car models brought to Indonesia by VinFast for testing and exploration in preparation for distribution plans in the market. this school.

Previously, VinFast announced plans to invest up to more than 29,000 billion VND in the Indonesian market. Besides distributing imported cars from Vietnam, the company will also invest more than 4,800 billion VND to build an electric vehicle factory here, with an expected output of 30,000 to 50,000 vehicles per year.


Therefore, VinFast cars appearing at ports in Indonesia may be part of the export shipment from Vietnam in the first phase. Currently, this is still a car for retail use or a test car for market exploration. Some sources from Indonesia revealed that it is possible that the VF 5 model will be displayed at the international auto exhibition in Indonesia taking place this month.

VF 5 and VF e34 are two of four VinFast electric car models that will be introduced to the Indonesian market in the beginning, besides VF 6 and VF 7. In addition to Indonesia, VF 5 and VF e34 also come to many Southeast markets. Asia is different. From October 2023, the first batch of VF 5 vehicles was exported to Laos and used as SM Green taxi.


VinFast VF 5 is an A-class car with a hybrid design between a hatchback and an urban SUV, using an electric motor placed on the front wheel with a maximum capacity of 134 horsepower and 135Nm of torque. The car is capable of traveling more than 300km per charge, and is equipped with many safety features such as 6 airbags, traction control, electronic balance, reversing camera, rear sensor, and tire pressure sensor.

VinFast VF e34 is in segment C and is VinFast’s first electric car model introduced to the market. VF e34 possesses many superior safety technologies compared to other cars in the same price segment, including blind spot warning, lane departure warning, 360-degree camera… The car has an electric motor with a capacity of 147 horsepower. and the battery allows nearly 290km of travel per charge.

In addition to VF e34 and VF 5, it is likely that VinFast will also bring VF 3 to the Indonesian market. 9 9At the end of 2023, the Indonesian press reported and shared images about the registration of industrial design protection for this small electric car model. VinFast VF 3 is expected to compete with Wuling Air EV, an electric car model that is receiving great attention in Indonesia.

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