Not Toyota or Hyundai, Kia is the car company that monopolizes the fertile high-road vehicle market share

Although not on the top list like Toyota and Hyundai, Kia is king in the small high-undercarriage car market with two key products.

After the MPV segment, in recent years, the user trend has gradually shifted to high-performance car models in segments ranging from A+ to C. Thanks to that, the presence of car manufacturers in these market shares more.


However, not all big brands are successful, for example, Toyota currently does not have any name with outstanding sales in the above segment, and Hyundai is no exception. However, Kia is a different story with the combined sales of the Sonet and Seltos models reaching 21,029 vehicles.

The above figure has helped Kia outstrip Toyota with only 18,087 vehicles sold and more than double that of Hyundai with 10,899 vehicles delivered in the urban SUV segment in 2023. Following behind are Honda with only 3,804 vehicles and Mazda is 3,157 vehicles. In addition, there are still a few other names such as Peugeot, VinFast or Nissan but specific numbers are not announced.


Compared to competitors, Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet are not new models, nor are their prices the cheapest in the segment, but perhaps worthy of meeting the tastes of Vietnamese users combined with other forms of price stabilization. helping the above two models have impressive sales.

According to statistics, Sonet is the best-selling urban SUV on the market with 11,366 vehicles, while Seltos also ranks 4th with more than 9,600 vehicles. Previously in 2022, Toyota dominated this segment with the Corolla Cross model but there was a decline later with only 10,485 cars sold in 2023.


The Toyota Yaris Cross is currently considered a phenomenon with more than 1,000 cars sold in the last 2 months thanks to incentives and price reductions. But this is a new, imported model, so it doesn’t say anything. Similarly, the Toyota Raze attracted attention at first but later fell behind compared to the Sonet.

On Hyundai’s side, the company only has one Creta model, so users don’t have many choices left. Until the end of December, the small high-rise urban car Venue, competing with the Kia Sonet, was launched. So it can be seen that in 2024, Kia Sonet has begun to have new competitors.

As for the Honda HR-V or the Mazda CX-30/CX-3, it is clear that these are cars that are inherently more of a spice factor than a sales race because compared to the three names above, these models are often The price is significantly higher and the practicality is not high.

It can be seen that in 2024, the SUV trend will continue to be promoted because this is also considered a common taste globally. The presence of two rookies Hyundai Venue and Mitsubishi Xforce also more or less caused the SUV duo from Kia to divide customers as well as market share.

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