What should you pay attention to when returning home to celebrate Tet by motorbike?

This year, people are more likely to return home to celebrate Tet by motorbike for different reasons, so it is necessary to have the right equipment to be safer on each trip.

In addition to factors related to driving experience, returning home by motorbike will bring many different experiences. However, to be most comfortable, drivers need to pay attention to the following issues to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Appropriate attire

The weather recently has been somewhat harsher than usual because it can be hot or cold at any time. Combined with safety factors, drivers need to be more careful in choosing clothes. Accordingly, motorbike drivers should wear long, thick clothes, such as jeans, leather jackets, closed-toed shoes, protective gloves, and use a full-face helmet for the most comprehensive protection.


If possible, you should use specialized protective clothing to increase safety. If you go in hot weather, you should wear sunglasses to see the road more clearly and avoid eye strain. If the weather is rainy or foggy, you should prepare specialized rain clothes for safe driving, and limit the use of batwing raincoats, which can easily lead to unnecessary incidents.

Vehicle maintenance

With motorbikes, maintenance is somewhat easier. On new models of cars, users can now change the oil, check the brake pads, horn lights, and the battery is stable. With scooters, you can clean the pot and change the transmission oil, and with manual cars, you can clean the sprockets and replace them if they are too worn.

In addition, the driver needs to check the tires. If they are excessively worn, they need to be replaced. Other fluids such as cool water and brake fluid also need to be checked and refilled or replaced depending on the vehicle’s usage conditions. . If you don’t have experience, you need to go to the centers to ensure safety and save time.

Repair and first aid kits

It is difficult to predict what will happen, especially the problem of broken wheels, running out of batteries, etc. so users can have a few emergency tire repair kits, battery jacks, and some basic car repair tools ready to go. Can handle unexpected situations that may arise.


In addition, users should have a first aid kit including basic items such as salt water, red medicine, stomach pain medicine, bandages, etc. to prevent possible collisions leading to injuries. From there, you can provide timely first aid, especially in deserted areas.

Pay attention to carrying things

This is quite an important issue, the driver should arrange carefully, be sure to avoid misalignment that can lead to loss of control or bulkiness that can violate the law. In addition, you should only bring items that are absolutely necessary to avoid overloading.

For convenience, users can equip hard boxes on both sides of the rear of the vehicle and boxes in the back bag to store items while ensuring safety for both people and belongings. Items such as wallets, purses, documents, and drinks should be kept in comfortable positions that are convenient for taking in and out.

Preserve your strength before starting

To have maximum health and alertness, the driver needs to get enough sleep before starting the journey, and should have a light meal in the area where he lives before going out on the highway to avoid being hungry, which can cause fatigue. concentration. Additionally, determine a reasonable distance by stopping every 2 hours or 100km to rest and recharge before continuing.


For those who have been partying before, be careful by allowing all the alcohol to be eliminated from the body to avoid unfortunate events, even if you were completely sober at that time. Furthermore, just move slowly, don’t rush, it can lead to unfortunate situations.

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