Toyota opened its own path for Century, positioning it higher than Lexus and competing with Rolls-Royce

In the Japanese market, most senior leaders and the upper class favor Toyota Century cars and have almost become a familiar symbol of this customer group. Recently, Toyota has a new plan for Century.

Not only high-ranking politicians, the upper class, but even the Japanese royal family are fond of Toyota Century models. Recently, many unconfirmed information said that Toyota is planning to separate Century into a separate brand.


Previously and currently, Toyota Century is the most valuable car line of the Toyota lineup with extremely limited production numbers and is mostly distributed only in the Japanese market. Local media said Toyota is ready to make Century a global brand.

Accordingly, Toyota will make Century a brand in the super luxury segment, positioned higher than Lexus and only to compete with high-end car brands such as Rolls-Royce or Bentley. The first car that may be part of this plan is expected to be the Century SUV, which will be launched in mid-2023.


Making Century a global brand will have many risks because in the past this car line was only associated with Japanese luxury and power, and this is also the exclusive car model of the Prime Minister of Japan. along with high-ranking government officials and the Japanese royal family.

Century currently has two variants called Century SUV and Century under the sedan style, and is expected to be renamed Century for the SUV line and Century Sedan for the sedan line when it is released to the market. This somewhat reverse name change is probably aimed at making the SUV prototype the standard version and the Sedan the limited edition.


At the same time, Century will use its own logo, not Toyota’s logo. The Century brand was first born in 1967, just 100 years after the birth of Toyota founder Sakichi Toyoda. Notably, Century has never used the same company logo, but only used the exclusive phoenix symbol.

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