What should you keep in mind when renting a self-driving car on Tet holiday to avoid resentment?

Self-driving car rental service is considered an effective solution for those who need to use a car for a certain period of time, especially during holidays. However, there are some issues to keep in mind to avoid losing money unfairly.

Previously, for people who did not have enough financial capacity or only needed to use a car for certain periods of time, renting a self-driving car was considered the most reasonable. Because it ensures financial factors, diverse choices and does not have to be shy when asking to borrow a car.


That is why self-driving car rental services are increasingly flourishing with all types of cars from affordable to high-end. However, first-timers will need to pay attention to a few issues to avoid being scammed or feeling angry.

In addition, self-driving rental services are often very favorable for users on weekdays but on holidays such as April 30 – May 1, weekends or especially the upcoming Lunar New Year with long breaks. The above demand is so great that some car rental centers add a few things that easily make users unfairly lose more money.

Rent a car as soon as possible

For those who have experience, they often rent a car very early to get the right car and at a better price than near the holidays. According to market rules, in the 1 to 2 weeks leading up to the holiday, car rental prices are often pushed up 2 to 3 times higher, even if there is no car to rent or the car rental is not satisfactory.

So to be sure, tenants need to find out the prices on the groups, make a deposit and request a full contract to avoid additional costs or problems.

Have a clear car rental plan

Not only renting a car, but everything during the trip needs to be clearly planned. There should be specific activities such as where to go, how many people will go and the expected rental budget, etc. Clear planning will help you rent the car you want. For example, if you go to the beach, you can rent a sedan, if you go camping, you can rent a pickup truck or SUV, or if you travel a lot, a Crossover will be suitable or a 6-wheel drive. – For 7 people, MPVs will help people sit healthier.

Choose a place to rent a car

Technology 4.0 is increasingly developing, users just need to type the keyword self-driving car rental on social networking sites and will have a series of different results. However, choosing a good place is really not that easy, so in addition to soliciting, you need to check the rental accounts such as transparency, user interactions, and which unit you belong to to avoid losing money. disability.

Normally, current car rental prices have a general average difference that is not too much. Once you have chosen a rental location, you need to determine a car rental location near where you live to make it more convenient during the car delivery process. .

Read the car rental contract carefully

In addition to the above issues, the next thing is to sign a car rental contract. For those who rent a car early and need a deposit to reserve a seat, the lessee is required to keep the agreed price to avoid additional costs. Next, it is necessary to discuss issues such as taxes, door-to-door delivery costs if any, the amount of money incurred if the rental time is exceeded, car washing if any, etc.

Especially if there is an incident leading to damage, how will the two parties coordinate to handle it? Normally, car rental units often have body insurance but often do not mention it to force the renter to pay all damage costs and the renter will profit from the insurance money.

Check vehicle and related documents

Instead of being excited to drive the car right away, the renter must be careful when receiving the car, specifically check the validity of the vehicle’s documents such as registration, insurance, etc., and carefully review the vehicle’s tires. Are the wheels scratched or dirty, are the tires still in good condition, are the lighting systems, turn signals, rear mirrors, accessories such as spare tires, repair tools still working?… And film and take photos if any abnormalities are detected.

Try starting the car engine, then check the central controller, entertainment system, car horn, etc. to make sure the functions work normally, then turn off the engine and start again to check the stability of the electrical system. Finally, record the current mileage and the amount of gasoline remaining in the car. If everything is stable, you need to sign to confirm the status with the car rental party and proceed to pick up the car.

Give car back

When finished using, the renter needs to stay to check the vehicle’s condition with the lessee and sign a confirmation, avoiding completely handing it over to the lessee. If there are minor damages such as scratches, reasonable compensation costs can be negotiated. However, in some cases where the car has an accident and requires compensation, you should find someone who really knows the car and ask questions to avoid conflicts and unreasonable compensation demands. Check and receive property back at the time of parking to see if there is any damage.

Remember that the self-driving car rental market is increasingly expanding from individuals to large-scale companies. But the benefits in renting a car often favor the rental side, so you need to be careful in the procedures and read the contract carefully to avoid being caught off guard when using this service.

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