Regarding Daihatsu’s violations, two more Toyota models are considering the possibility of recall

There are currently 2 more Toyota small car models that are being considered for recall due to detection of door defects, affecting up to 320,000 products of both Daihatsu and parent company Toyota.

The Japanese Ministry of Transport instructed Daihatsu to consider recalling the Daihatsu Cast and Toyota Pixis Joy models after being discovered to cheat in safety tests. The company said these models may not meet safety standards because their doors may be locked and difficult to open from the outside in the event of an accident.


If this recall is carried out, Daihatsu will fall into an even more difficult period because this business had to stop all domestic and foreign shipments last month because of a safety inspection scandal, and suspend all domestic and foreign shipments last month because of a safety inspection scandal. only all vehicle production activities but resumed in Indonesia and Malaysia after a few days with the approval of local authorities.

Daihatsu still does not know when it can resume production in Japan, Toyota said it will review its business activities. In addition, the Japanese Ministry of Transport also announced that it would revoke the necessary certifications for mass production of 3 car models produced by Daihatsu, and also discovered 14 additional cases of violations in addition to the above cases. was announced.


In the Vietnamese market, there is only one Toyota Avanza Premio MT model that is affected and has now stopped delivering. The company representative also said that he does not hide, lie, or distort the truth about issues related to Daihatsu. .

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