From April this year, Mazda 6 will no longer be produced in Japan

True to previous rumors, the Mazda 6 D-size sedan will be discontinued in the Japanese domestic market, before that Mazda’s other model, the CX-8, is no longer in production.

On Mazda’s homepage, it was announced that it would stop selling the Mazda 6 in the Japanese domestic market. Both sedan and station wagon versions of this car will officially stop distributing from mid-April 2024. .


The main reason is said to be due to the decline in sales of the sedan and station wagon segments while SUVs are increasingly popular. This D-size sedan was first launched in May 2002 with another name: Atenza.

According to sales reports, there were 226,437 Mazda 6 cars sold in the Japanese market. This sales volume is not equal to 1 year of sales of Mazda CX-5. Mazda Japan’s domestic sales director said the Mazda 3 will replace the Mazda 6 in the Sedan market and another CX model will replace the Mazda 6 Station Wagon.


Before the Mazda 6, the CX-8 SUV was also discontinued in Japan. Not only the domestic market, this D-size sedan was also discontinued in some other major markets such as the US and UK due to low sales. Another competitor of Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, is no longer sold in Japan.

Currently, Mazda 6 has 3 engine options including 2.2L diesel engine, 2.0L and 2.5L gasoline engine. Although there are many performance options, the appeal of this model is not high, as user tastes gradually change. Switch to higher chassis models.

In Vietnam, Mazda 6 is no longer very attractive with only an average sales of 80 to 100 cars depending on the time. According to sales reports from Vama, in 2023 there will be 1,094 cars sold on the market, Mazda 6 is currently priced from 779 million to 914 million VND, 3 versions with 2 different operating configurations.

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