Because of Hyundai Palisade, Ford Explorer suddenly reduced more than 400 million VND to attract customers

Although incentives from the State and the company have cooled down, many dealers still extend user support policies near Tet, for example, Ford Explorer just suddenly had a discount of more than 400 million VND.

At the present time, purchasing power is somewhat higher than other times. To take advantage of this time, many agents have launched policies to attract more buyers during this period. Notably, the Ford Explorer model is receiving the highest discount of up to 440 million VND.


Specifically, at many dealers the actual price of Ford Explorer is only from 1,999 billion VND, significantly lower than the listed price of 2,439 billion VND. However, this huge discount only applies to cars manufactured at the end of 2022 and still in stock with relatively full exterior colors.

In addition, these heavily discounted Explorers are versions with some equipment reduced during a time of scarce raw materials. Specifically, the self-patching tires will be changed to regular tires, the hands-free opening/closing trunk will be converted to an electric trunk and the rear seat air conditioning adjustment cluster will be removed.


With the above discount, this is another good opportunity for users who like large SUVs from the US and do not care too much about the vehicle’s equipment. Currently, the Ford Explorer model sold in Vietnam belongs to the 6th generation, with only 1 imported version.

The large SUV segment usually does not have too many choices and there are not many customers for this market share, currently there are only a few names such as Toyota Prado priced at 2,628 billion VND, Volkswagen Teramont priced at 2,499 billion VND, Hyundai Palisade priced at 2,499 billion VND, Hyundai Palisade priced at VND 2,628 billion. Price from 1.87 billion VND.


According to sales reports, Ford Explorer’s December 2023 sales only reached 29 units, the whole year 2023 reached 320 units, significantly lower than rookie Hyundai Palisade when there were 258 units sold in December 2023 and 413 units sold in 2023.

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