Sales decline, user trends change, Mazda 6 is at risk of death in Japan

Mazda currently focuses quite a lot on SUVs and sports car segments, and Mazda 6 sales have not been as expected, making the future of this model somewhat uncertain.

Once a mainstay of Mazda’s sales, however, at present the D-size sedan Mazda 6 may be discontinued in Japan in 2024. Some local media information has not been confirmed locally. We know that this car model will probably stop production from March to May.


Currently, Mazda refuses to comment on the above information and affirms that it will announce production plans related to its product lines later. But local media said the car is now only “produced and sold in international markets”.

This is also somewhat accurate as Mazda 6 sales have cooled down over the years. This is also the general situation of sedans globally as user tastes gradually shift to more SUV models. Previously, Mazda 6 withdrew from North America in 2021, many other markets in Europe and recently China in 2023.


Most recently, at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Mazda just announced a completely new sub-brand, Spirit Racing, with plans to return to high-performance cars like the newly introduced Mazda 3. At the same time, with the trend of shifting to SUV/CUV, it is likely that Mazda will not focus much on the Mazda 6 series to optimize power sources more.

Moreover, all major markets are absent from Mazda 6, making the company not too interested in continuing to develop this sedan for small markets. At the present time, information about the new version of Mazda 6 is not available. The Mazda 6 model was launched in 2012, the biggest update fell in 2018, then the car was slightly upgraded in 2021 and 2023. However, the changes did not make a big difference.

In Vietnam, Mazda 6 is no longer very attractive with only an average sales of 80 to 100 cars depending on the time. According to sales reports from Vama, in 2023 there will be 1,094 cars sold on the market, Mazda 6 is currently priced from 779 million to 914 million VND, 3 versions with 2 different operating configurations.

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