New method to fight electric vehicle fires, effective, environmentally friendly but expensive

Extinguishing a fire from an electric vehicle is not easy, especially if it starts from the battery pack. Recently, a firefighting method is considered more effective than conventional water sprays.

Specifically, the nature of electric car batteries has many complex chemicals, so they are very difficult to extinguish with conventional methods such as water or fire extinguishers. Not to mention they have the ability to smolder again even after the fire is controlled or extinguished.


This has posed new challenges for firefighting units around the world. One of the new electric vehicle firefighting methods recently demonstrated by the South Metro Centennial Fire Department in Colorado to be more effective than traditional methods is the use of “fire blankets”.

Specifically, in a fire originating from a Jaguar I-Pace that was charging in the garage, the South Metro fire team quickly deployed a squad to rescue people and relocate other vehicles before approaching the burning vehicle. and prevent it from spreading.


After controlling the fire, firefighters determined that the Jaguar’s battery was still smoldering. This is considered a difficult problem because reactions from the lithium-ion battery pack can re-ignite the fire and are not easily extinguished.

To completely solve the problem, the fire department used a fire blanket weighing up to 28kg with the sole task of preventing the battery pack’s chemicals from coming into contact with the oxygen source. The blanket worked quite well when the fire was completely controlled. However, the fire department still carefully covered the car with blankets and took it to the scrap yard.


Although it is significantly more effective than spraying water into the car to reduce heat, the cost of each fire blanket is not cheap, according to conversion, the price of each blanket is from 74 to 122 million VND. Notably, the use of fire blankets is also somewhat more environmentally friendly.

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