Honda Civic gen 11 suddenly has an upgrade and slight improvement with the Type R trend

After the Civic RS Prototype concept, the Japanese car company recently revealed the design of the upgraded version with many changes that resemble the Type R high-performance car.

Launched in 2021 and now is considered the right time to launch the facelift version with some slight changes. Recently, Honda has also unveiled the design of this C-class sedan with many features reminiscent of the high-performance Civic Type R model.


According to images published by the company, the revealed version belongs to the most advanced Sport Touring version, expected to officially launch in 2024. From this, it can be seen that the front of the car will not have many changes, but mainly slightly refined.

Specifically, the radiator grille is thicker and separate from the headlights instead of creating a connected feeling like the previous generation. The entire grille and central air cavity come with new honeycomb meshes instead of horizontal spokes.


The bottom of the central air vent on the front bumper is no longer trapezoidal in shape but is more angular with the surrounding border painted black. In addition, the fog light sockets at the two corners of the front bumper are no longer there, replaced by air vents, somewhat similar to the Civic Type R.

Because it is just an upgrade, the two sides of the car’s body do not have many differences except for the wheels with a new 7-spoke design interface, 2-color scratch-milling with an expected size of about 19 inches. The rear taillight cluster is not much different, mainly the graphic interface has been slightly changed. The rest is similar to the old generation.

Detailed parameters of the 2024 Honda Civic upgrade have not yet been announced. It is highly likely that the operating configuration will remain the same with gasoline and hybrid engine options. Manufacturer, hybrid-electric versions now account for about 40% of Civic sales.

In Vietnam, the Honda Civic RS version is priced from 870 million VND and the Type R version is priced at 2,399 billion VND in limited quantities. According to statistics from Vama, in 2023 there will be 1,222 Honda Civic versions and 19 Type R cars rolling into the Vietnamese market. Although the number is not high, this is one of the cars with a fairly large group compared to other cars. with common ground.

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