The unlucky number plate 49.53 was also successfully auctioned, the closing price was somewhat surprising

Owning an unlucky license plate is something no one wants, but a license plate number 49.53 that was just successfully auctioned has surprised many people.

The license plate auction has surprised many people because a succession of beautiful license plates are priced at incredibly high prices ranging from several billion to more than tens of billions of dong and are mounted on expensive or super rare car models.


However, recently, in an auction, many people were surprised because the number plate 30L-049.53 was successfully auctioned. This incident is somewhat rare because the number sequence 49.53 is considered a taboo number that very few people are happy to win.

Because according to feng shui, the numbers 49 and 53 are not loved by many people, and can even be said to be unlucky. But perhaps for a few people, this license plate has a special meaning, so the price was successfully pegged at 45 million VND, higher than the starting price of only 5 million VND.


Many people are curious about the true identity of the owner of this license plate, because perhaps there is some factor that goes against the majority. With an auction winning amount of 45 million VND, the successful bidder only needs to pay an additional 5 million VND to register any car model, including used cars.

Accordingly, within 15 days from the date of results, the winning bidder must pay the entire amount successfully finalized and have the deposit amount of 40 million VND deducted, excluding vehicle registration fees. If within 12 months the winner does not register the license plate for the car, it will be transferred to the vehicle registration and management system and the auction winner will not be refunded the winning bid amount paid.

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