How many cars will Ford sell in Vietnam in 2023?

According to sales reports, in 2023 there will be more than 38 thousand Ford cars delivered to users, many of which are leading in the segment.

2023 marks a sales record for Ford Vietnam with more than 38,322 vehicles sold, accounting for 10% of the market share. Ford continues to lead the market in the pickup truck segment with the Ford Ranger accounting for 76% of the market share, leading the midsize SUV segment with 65% market share and the light commercial vehicle segment with 62% market share.


Ford is recognized as a few brands with positive growth in the Vietnamese market in 2023. To achieve the above numbers, the American car company has continuously launched incentive programs to help users reduce costs. Rolling out like a 50-100% reduction in registration fees, in addition to the 50% incentive from the Government, a direct reduction in car prices…

The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) said that the total sales of the entire market in 2023 will reach 301,898 vehicles, down 25% compared to 2022 (404,635 vehicles). Of which, passenger cars decrease by 27%, commercial vehicles decrease by 16% and specialized vehicles decrease by 56% compared to 2022. Also in 2023, sales of domestically assembled vehicles decrease by 20% while Imported cars decreased by 32% compared to the same period last year.


Thanks to that, after 28 years of operation in the Vietnamese market, with positive contributions to the economy and society, Ford Vietnam held a ceremony to receive the First Class Labor Medal at Ford Hai Duong factory, at the same time. Also received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Planning and Investment for outstanding achievements in attracting foreign investment in Vietnam.

Mr. Ruchik Shah, General Director of Ford Vietnam said: “With the companionship and support of Vietnamese Government agencies, Hai Duong province, and the US Embassy, ​​we aim to improve production and business efficiency, bringing to market high quality products and services, continuing to contribute to the socio-economic development of the locality and the whole country.”

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