An accident may occur, the “off-road king” Mercedes-Benz G-Class is recalled globally

Due to the risk of cracking the rear axle crankcase, causing oil leaks and increasing the risk of accidents, there will be more than 1,900 Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles recalled globally.

Specifically, some Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles may have a cracked rear axle transmission housing, causing axle oil to leak on the road and endangering other vehicles participating in traffic. traffic, in the long run it can damage the rear axle assembly.

In addition, a gradually larger crack in the rear axle gearbox housing can disrupt the transmission of kinetic energy to the rear axle and cause loss of thrust from the rear wheels without warning, increasing the risk of an accident on the road. .


A total of 1,954 Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles were recalled globally due to the above problem, these vehicles belong to the regular version (463) and the 4×4 drive version, all produced at the factory. in Germany from April 17, 2020 to December 1, 2023.

Not long ago, in July 2023, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was also recalled globally with a quantity of more than 10,000 units because the axle oil may not be supplying enough to the rear differential, increasing the risk of accidents. problem.

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