Toyota Yaris’ rival, Suzuki Swift 2024 is about to be exported, could it return to Vietnam?

After launching at the end of last year, the first 2024 Suzuki Swifts are available at dealers, and are expected to be exported to other markets.

In December 2023, Suzuki officially launched the Swift car line in the Japanese market, and the car is currently at the dealership and ready for delivery. According to the plan, India is the next market to receive this model. It is expected that the Maruti Suzuki joint venture will begin production of the new generation Swift next month.


Suzuki Swift is a high-sales car model of Maruti Suzuki joint venture in India with deliveries of about 18,000 cars per month. That’s why this car model was quickly put on the assembly line at the Hansalpur factory in the state of Gujarat, India.

The new generation of Suzuki Swift does not have too many changes in size with a length, width and height of 3,860 x 1,695 x 1,500 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,450 mm. The car’s design has been slightly tweaked with a new dark-painted radiator grille, chrome-plated edges, logo placed close to the hood, and the headlight cluster has also been adjusted.


The body of the car has some new features such as the rear door handle being moved to the car door, new embossed lines accompanied by 16-inch wheels with a multi-spoke design, 2-color scratching. The rear part has taillights designed with a new look.

The interior of the Suzuki Swift 2024 has not changed much, the car is still equipped with felt seats, 3-spoke steering wheel, analog driving clock, and 9-inch center screen. Notably, the car is equipped with a Hud screen and an electronic handbrake with an integrated automatic brake hold feature.


In Japan, in addition to basic safety features, the Suzuki Swift 2024 is also equipped with the Suzuki Safety Support active safety package including features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, blind spot warning, and warning. Cross-traffic alert when reversing, accelerator control when moving forward/reverse and automatically adaptive headlights, brake assist to prevent collisions, etc.

Regarding operation, the Suzuki Swift 2024 has 2 options including a 1.2L gasoline engine with a capacity of 82 horsepower, 108Nm with a CVT gearbox. Next is the mild hybrid powertrain, supplemented with an electric motor that provides an additional 3.1 horsepower, 60Nm and comes with a 3Ah lithium-ion battery. The hybrid option allows users to choose a 5-speed manual or CVT transmission.


Suzuki Swift 2024 car price in the Japanese market is approximately 286 to 387 million VND. In the future, this car model may also be brought to Vietnam for distribution. The current version is being distributed for a single price of 560 million VND.

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