In the future, Mazda’s interior will be somewhat similar to Toyota’s to optimize costs

Due to limited financial resources, two Japanese car companies, Mazda and Toyota, will jointly develop car control software and hardware.

In addition to the car’s equipment, the entertainment system is increasingly focused on integrating many features and even AI assistants. That’s why development costs are getting more and more expensive. Even for famous car manufacturers, development investment can be more than billions of dollars per year.

in the future, mazda-will-be-part-of-the-dong-with-toyota-receives-to-i-uu-chi-phi

For many large car manufacturers, this cost is not too significant, but for smaller brands, this is a big problem. For example, Mazda has just released a statement stating that future car models will use hardware, software, and in-car operating systems co-developed with Toyota.

Mazda also said that cooperating with Toyota helps them reduce the burden of development costs by 80% and can save hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Accordingly, the items that Mazda cooperates with Toyota include control system, infotainment system, digital dashboard, ECU electronic controller and service wiring system.

in the future, mazda-will-be-part-of-the-dong-with-toyota-receives-to-i-uu-chi-phi

Thus, it is possible that from 2027, Mazda electric cars may have an interior central control system that is up to 90% similar to Toyota cars. In fact, these two Japanese car companies have had long-term cooperation in the past.

Accordingly, since 2015, both sides have jointly developed a common powertrain system. Currently, Mazda has been borrowing some technologies from Toyota such as electrification technology, or more specifically, the current Mazda 2 model has many components from Toyota.

With the above cooperation, Mazda electric car lines will be somewhat similar to the case of Mazda 2. This Japanese car company also expects to launch 7 to 8 electric car models before 2030. But currently there are only Mazda MX-30 is introduced.

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