Toyota did not bring any electric vehicles to Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

At the present time, the Chairman of Toyota’s board of directors still maintains the viewpoint of developing gasoline vehicles in addition to electric vehicles.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon exhibition, the world’s largest car company displayed a series of high-performance car models with traditional engine configurations such as the Toyota Yaris GR and the Lexus LBX RR Morizo ​​concept, all with different power levels. more than 300 horsepower.


Notably, at this Toyota display event, there was no appearance of any electric car models, even though the company had certain concepts. Toyota President Akio Toyoda said the company is developing next-generation internal combustion engine models, emphasizing that these engines will play an important role in the carbon neutrality goal.

“There is still a role for these engines with practical implications in the carbon neutral goal. So, let us refine the engine technology,” Toyoda shared with the media. The chairman of the Japanese company’s board of directors added that pure electric cars are not the only way to achieve the goal.


But the company did not release detailed information about the next generation internal combustion engine models. According to local information, the use of advanced internal combustion engine models will be the focus of the Toyota brand throughout 2024.

Also in the speech, Toyoda stated that nearly 5.5 million people work in the auto sector in Japan, and that he wants to protect their jobs. “Those people are supporting Japan and have the skills to make tomorrow’s Japan stronger. We must not lose these people.”


Japanese automaker Toyota will aim to reduce engine emissions in many ways, including higher fuel compression and cleaner combustion technologies. The company is also researching and developing engines using hydrogen fuel.

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