American muscle car Dodge Charger suddenly revealed photos, attracting attention with its electric version

American car company Dodge said that the new generation of the Charger line will have a pure electric option in addition to the 6-cylinder internal combustion engine.

Dodge Charger launched a concept version more than a year ago, but recently the latest images have just been revealed and have quite a few similarities. Specifically, the car has a dual square front LED light cluster, quite similar to the 5th generation launched in 1981 and comes with the Fratzog 3-pointed star logo.


The car also has a hatchback design with the hood sweeping down to the luggage compartment to help darken the interior space. The car is also equipped with a small aerodynamic spoiler, placed above the square taillight cluster, combined with a Fratzonic simulated exhaust sound system.


Some unconfirmed information indicates that the standard pure electric version of the Dodge Charger will have a capacity of 402 horsepower, using a rear-wheel drive system. More advanced versions will have 2 electric motors, 4-wheel drive with an expected capacity of 680 horsepower and 897 horsepower.


Despite following the green car trend, on Dodge’s social networking platforms, there are many negative opinions saying that the car will no longer be muscular when switching from a V8 engine to a pure electric engine. In addition, they also doubt the performance of this muscle car model.

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