Suzuki plans to develop low-cost electric cars, which could be introduced this year

After ignoring electric vehicles, Suzuki has made moves to keep up with the trend when it wants to enter the low-cost electric vehicle market.

With the main market for low-cost cars in India, Suzuki is almost not interested in green vehicles using electric energy. But times have changed when preferential policies for electric vehicles in India have been strengthened, making Suzuki seem to be hatching a new plan.


Specifically, this Japanese car company has just invested a large amount of money to upgrade the production plant as well as complete a purely electric chassis. Not long ago, the company also developed the Wagon R EV electric car model based on the converted chassis of a gasoline car, but the cost was too high.

To optimize, the company has also completed a new chassis codenamed K-EV only for small, low-cost electric vehicles. At the same time, join hands with Toyota to develop another chassis for the mid-sized electric SUV model – eVX, which is about to launch. It is expected that the car will start production this year.


With the above two platforms, Suzuki will help diversify its product lineup, optimizing vehicle models to suit a variety of user needs. In addition, the company also cooperates with Denso and Toshiba to produce its own electric batteries. In the immediate future, the Suzuki eVX model will use BYD batteries.

According to the plan, Suzuki will launch at least 6 electric car models this decade. The car models will span from hatchback, MPV and SUV segments.

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