What should you pay attention to when registering a car at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024?

Unlike every year, this year’s registration is somewhat stricter and the number of registered vehicles is also higher, so car owners need to pay attention to a number of issues to avoid possible troubles.

Similar to every year, this time is considered the peak of the registration season, but unlike every year, this year’s vehicle registration will be more stringent and the number of vehicles will also be larger. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, money and frustration, car owners should pay attention to the following issues to be able to carry out the registration process smoothly.

Schedule registration

With changes in technology, the Vietnam Register has now introduced an online appointment booking application to facilitate and save time. Accordingly, car owners can make an appointment at the registration center at the most suitable time via the TTDK application on the phone or via the Registry Department’s website.


After successfully registering for an appointment, the vehicle owner only needs to follow the appointment to the registration center and present the online appointment card to be able to register without having to wait in line for hours. Registering and scheduling online not only helps car owners save waiting time, but also find the nearest registration station at their place of residence or in the localities they are visiting.

Check for cold penalties

Currently, when registering a vehicle, the registration station will verify whether the vehicle has any fines or not. If so, the registration center has the right to refuse inspection. Therefore, to avoid misfortunes before registering, vehicle owners should proactively look up information to see if the vehicle has any fines or not.


Vehicle owners can look up their vehicle information through the TTDK application right after scheduling an inspection or on the website system of the Traffic Police Department or the Registry Department. This lookup happens very quickly and has almost absolute accuracy.

Vehicle maintenance and upkeep

This is something that should be done even if the vehicle is not in use on a regular schedule. Because during use, wear and tear can still occur, and problems with the vehicle’s system can completely occur. Taking the vehicle for repair or maintenance before registration will ensure that the vehicle is returned to its best condition in accordance with safety parameters to be able to pass vehicle inspections.


If you still rely on it, unfortunately during the registration process the vehicle does not meet technical safety requirements, the vehicle owner will be forced to return to fix it in order to complete the registration. This will cost the car owner a lot of time and money.

And unfortunately in cases where the registration station is overloaded, having to go fix the problem and return to register will cause the vehicle owner to spend many more hours queuing or re-registering from the beginning.

Don’t forget the following documents

According to the provisions of Circular 02/2023 of the Ministry of Transport, mandatory documents to bring when going for inspection include: Vehicle registration documents (original vehicle registration issued by a competent state agency). or original receipt), original vehicle registration (accompanied by a copy of vehicle registration) mortgaged by a credit institution or a copy of vehicle registration certified by a financial leasing organization ( enclosed with a copy of the vehicle registration) or appointment letter for issuance of vehicle registration.


However, in some cases, the car owner needs to supplement the vehicle registration certificate with confirmation from the financial leasing organization. Set of chassis and engine numbers of the vehicle for motor vehicles exempt from inspection.

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