VinFast Klara S electric motorbike has the same price as a gasoline motorbike, is it worth buying?

As VinFast’s first electric motorbike model, Klara S has been on the market for several years and well meets the expectations of Vietnamese users. It can be said that the appearance of VinFast Klara S is no less outstanding than other common scooters.

VinFast Klara S car design

VinFast Klara S has an impressive exterior design with overall dimensions (length x width x height) of 1850 x 730 x 1130 mm respectively. With these numbers, Klara S is considered quite compact and very easy to navigate in the congested traffic conditions in Vietnam today.

Looking directly, VinFast Klara S looks quite similar to popular gasoline-powered motorbike models on the market today. However, looking closely, the front of the vehicle has a much more unique design than other electric motorbikes being used by consumers.

Across the body of the vehicle, people will easily recognize the bulbous and tapered design that looks quite similar to the design of new Vespas. The saddle has a seamless design and is separated into 2 separate areas.

I really like the design of the saddle, the saddle slope of this Klara S is designed in a moderate ratio, so it doesn’t slide forward when braking suddenly. This electric vehicle also best meets the transportation needs of most female customers with a small seat and only 760 mm high.

Therefore, for female customers of modest height, it is also easier to support their feet. In addition, connecting the head and body of the car is a footrest below with a floor designed to slope forward to avoid causing ankle fatigue when sitting. The rear design of VinFast Klara S is also very attractive.

Amenities on the VinFast Klara S include: 3G connection, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, 4.5-inch LCD driving meter displaying full parameters of battery capacity, speed, time, temperature, travel and operating mode.

Among them, the most outstanding is the engine that meets IP57 waterproof standard, capable of resisting submersion up to 50 cm in height for 30 minutes. This engine is guaranteed by the company for up to 3 years. But I advise you not to try and limit going into flooded areas to avoid trouble and time wasting on maintenance and warranty. In addition, this electric motorbike costs nearly 40 million and is also equipped with a remote control lock with anti-theft function.

The operating power of VinFast Klara S will surprise many customers. Because with the Lithium-ion battery version, the car has a capacity of 1,200W. With this performance, the car can reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Besides, each time the battery is fully charged, you can travel a maximum distance of more than 100 km.

Experience the VinFast Klara S car

The plus point of the new VinFast Klara S lies in the engine, which helps improve the driving experience in a more comfortable and pleasant way. In Eco or Sport driving mode, the acceleration of this electric motorbike when on the derailleur is generally the same, smooth and pleasant.

With Sport mode alone, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h and the power of the electric motorbike can meet most of the driver’s needs in this speed range. However, the Klara S’s suspension system seems less comfortable and the foot-rested driving position is not comfortable for people 1.7 meters tall.

The point that I think many people in apartments will like about this model is that it can be disassembled and brought upstairs to charge. But bringing one or both batteries to the apartment to charge is another problem because it is a bit heavy. The process of opening and taking out the battery is not very quick. Charging time for each battery is about 4 hours. The luggage compartment of VinFast Klara S is not too large, but in return the footrest is very spacious.

If you don’t have enough money to buy Klara S, which is priced at nearly 40 million VND and has 2 expensive batteries of up to nearly 8 million each, you can choose a battery rental package of 350,000 VND per month. Besides the battery rental fee, the monthly usage cost is quite affordable because it costs nearly 12,000 VND to fully charge 2 Klara S batteries.

In conclusion, the advantages of Vinfast Klara S are impressive and beautiful appearance, smooth engine operation, and excellent electrical system from Bosch. The ability to smartly connect with phones and tablets is a complete advantage of the VinFast electric motorbike model compared to traditional motorbikes. Thanks to the integrated eSIM, users can easily locate and lock the vehicle remotely, manage vehicle status and many other smart functions.

The biggest disadvantage is probably the relatively high selling price compared to current electric motorbikes on the market even though they are produced domestically. Currently, VinFast Klara S uses Lithium batteries priced at 39.9 million VND. In this price range, people will have a few more options, but gasoline scooters like Honda Lead (39.06 – 42.3 million VND), Yamaha Grande (45.2 – 49.6 million VND)…

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