Upgrade the subwoofer under the seat, a highly recommended item for a car under 1 billion VND

Most popular cars with prices ranging from 1 billion or standard versions often lack a subwoofer option, which will make the sound experience somewhat boring, so the solution of adding a sub will improve the quality of the car. improve this problem.

In the past, when buying a car, users would often add additional options such as heat-insulating film to protect against sun and heat, tire pressure sensors to monitor wheel condition, or upgrade lighting to improve visibility. But few people know that there is an upgrade option that will make the experience much higher.


Accordingly, it can be seen that most cars in the segment from 1 billion to under 1.5 billion VND, or the standard/maintenance versions usually only have a 4 to 6 speaker sound system, arranged equally in both sides of the door. These systems only play sound and cannot bring out the authenticity of a song, and the fastest improvement is to add a subwoofer to the car.

To put it simply, the subwoofer is used to reproduce sounds with low frequencies, or to put it simply, it is bass sounds with frequencies in the range of 20-200Hz, this is where the extremely low frequency bass comes from. . The normal hearing threshold of the human ear is 20Hz. If sound falls below that threshold, we cannot hear anything at all. Or it can be understood more simply by example, a drum set will have small drums called small drums and one large drum called the main drum. The subwoofer will have something similar to a drum, adding bass parts to create the soul of the sound.


And subwoofers are also divided into two main types: steam subs and electric subs. In terms of price, electric subs will have a more affordable price than steam subs. Because in terms of quality, the sub slightly provides better sound quality and is more powerful. But in reality, for popular cars, the electric sub will have an advantage when it can be synchronized with the car’s speakers, not to mention the space inside the car is not too big and the cost is somewhat optimal, so the electric sub is still a reasonable choice.

However, in the car accessories market in general or the car audio industry in particular, there is a wide variety of models, seemingly a matrix with too many brands and not to mention the increasingly common situation of “price inbox”. Sometimes the same product has many different prices, making users increasingly skeptical about the true quality of the product.

nang-cap-speaker-sub-gam-ghe-mon-do-rare-should-be-made-for-car-duoi-1-ty-dongnang-cap-speaker-sub-gam-ghe-mon-do-rare-should-be-made-for-car-duoi-1-ty-dong nang-cap-speaker-sub-gam-ghe-mon-do-rare-should-be-made-for-car-duoi-1-ty-dong

In addition, many places quote a price for one place, but when they get there, they turn to another product, making many people frustrated by the unexpected costs. Therefore, although there are many famous audio brands such as JBL, Bose, etc., the author chose Steelmate’s AS-MTONE subwoofer model with a capacity of up to nearly 180w, not too high, but there is a reason for it. .

According to the manufacturer, the AS-MTONE subwoofer has dimensions of 290 x 215 x 65 mm in length and width and approximately weighs about 5kg. This parameter is somewhat suitable for popular cars that do not have too much space. In addition, the speaker membrane is made of thin aluminum alloy, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the speaker.

nang-cap-speaker-sub-gam-ghe-mon-do-rare-should-be-made-for-car-duoi-1-ty-dong nang-cap-speaker-sub-gam-ghe-mon-do-rare-should-be-made-for-car-duoi-1-ty-dong

In addition, this subwoofer is also optimized to be able to control the sound system with a single adjustment button and has a built-in amplifier so you only need to connect the incoming audio signal to use. an easy one. And the construction time is not too long, only about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

AS-MTONE is quite impressive when playing floor music. If at a volume level of 80% or higher, it can vibrate the entire body of the car. Not stopping there, the sound quality of AS-MTONE is very clear, without annoying buzzing like low-priced or fake products.


However, because it only adds a subwoofer, in some traditional music genres like bolero/lofi, it is still a bit disappointing. But with a price of less than 4 million VND, AS-MTONE is still enough to bring new experiences, especially the current trend of remix/rap/electronic music being widely popular.

Of course, there will be many opinions regarding upgrading because of the impact on the electrical system, but in fact Steelmate dealers use connectors as well as add fuses to minimize possible problems. happen. In addition, upgrading the sound will help the driver be more inspired to drive because music has a great impact on the driver’s psychology, which can help make the spirit feel more refreshed in situations of traffic jams or relief. pressure, eliminating frustrations on journeys behind the wheel.

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