The vast majority of Vietnamese people do not have the habit of regularly caring for and maintaining their motorbikes

Lack of motorbike care and maintenance habits not only causes the vehicle to deteriorate quickly, incur expensive repair costs, and does not ensure safety, but also causes environmental pollution.

According to the survey, the vast majority of motorbike users in Vietnam do not have the habit of periodically caring for and maintaining their motorbikes. Vehicle maintenance is extremely important. If not done properly and periodically, it will lead to more serious damage to the vehicle, poor performance, and easy breakdown along the road, causing many inconveniences.

If you follow the company’s procedures correctly, the car will be durable, run smoothly, and save on repair costs. This is especially important during times of price storms, when all costs are increasing, saving on car repair costs is also a way to reduce your worries.

With the weather and road conditions in Vietnam, your motorbike will get very dirty, causing details around the vehicle such as the fairing or sprockets (for manual motorbikes) to quickly degrade. Therefore, people should regularly wash their cars at home or take them to a shop to wash them.

However, wherever you wash your car, you should be careful not to spray water directly on details such as electrical circuits to avoid short-circuiting the car. Clean and maintain the sprocket with a reputable brand of maintenance solution to help prolong the life of this part.

When using non-genuine spare parts, floating on the market, of unknown origin, your car will encounter many problems. Important details related to machinery, if non-genuine parts are used, it will affect the vehicle’s lifespan, the vehicle will not run as smoothly and will no longer be as quiet as when it was first purchased. Non-genuine tires can easily explode, affecting traffic safety.

In addition, there are other signs to determine whether it is time to take the car to the “hospital” or not such as: When the car is running, it makes a squeaking sound, the engine is not running smoothly, the brake pads are not “squeezing”. ” or the steering wheel is not correct… If your car has the above signs, it means it’s time to take your car for maintenance. Besides, if your car is flooded or stalls while driving, you need to quickly change the oil and rinse the engine immediately.

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