The car that just lost its engine at Dien Bien Phu has a new update in Thailand, and in Vietnam, the design has been upgraded again

The MG 5 model has just been updated with a new version in the Thai market called 10th Anniversary Special Edition with changes to the exterior making the car more sporty.

After 10 years in the Thai market, MG has just launched the 10th Anniversary Special Edition for the C-sized sedan – MG 5 with some changes in appearance to make it more sporty.


Compared to the regular version, the MG 5 10th Anniversary Special Edition has some additional dark-painted exterior details such as rearview mirror covers, door handles, logos, in addition, the 10th Anniversary character is added on the trunk door. and rims.


Similarly, the interior of the MG5 10th Anniversary Special Edition also changed with leather seats but added red stitching for a sporty feel. Other equipment is almost similar, including an electronic driving meter, 10-inch center screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support, automatic air conditioning, PM2.5 fine dust filter, air vents for the rear seats, 4 speakers. , electronic handbrake, automatic temporary brake hold,…


In addition, other parameters such as overall size, LED headlights, 3D grille, claw-shaped LED taillights, and wheel size remain the same as other versions. So it can be seen that the MG 5 10th Anniversary Special Edition only slightly changed the color for a sportier feel.


In terms of safety, this sports version has nothing new, it still has basic safety equipment such as 4 airbags, 360-degree camera, electronic balance, brake control when cornering, hill departure, warning. emergency braking, rear parking assist sensors and no other active safety features.


MG 5 10th Anniversary Special Edition still uses a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 114 horsepower, 150 Nm, comes with a CVT automatic transmission, front-wheel drive. This sports version has a converted selling price of about 390 million VND in Thailand.

king-of-wine-dong-co-driver-bien-phu-co-ban-cap-nhat-new-tai-thai-in-viet-nam-lai-cai-lui-thiet-ke ( 7) king-of-wine-dong-co-driver-bien-phu-co-ban-cap-nhat-new-tai-thai-in-viet-nam-lai-cai-lui-thiet-ke ( 7)

In Vietnam, MG 5 is currently being distributed in two versions: STD and Lux ​​with prices ranging from 523 – 588 million VND. And recently there is a New MG 5 variant that also has 3 configurations MT, STD and DEL with a selling price of 399 to 499 million VND with a somewhat controversial interior/exterior design that no longer has a sporty quality but instead In addition to being practical, the company also positioned this car model for service customers, so it has an incredibly cheap price.

Previously, when MG entered the Vietnamese market, there was vague information about its origin, saying it was a British car company but was acquired by China’s SAIC group and many of its car models were assembled in Thailand. and bring it back to Vietnam.

the-king-of-wine-dong-co-tai-bien-phu-co-ban-cap-nhat-new-tai-thai-in-viet-nam-return-cai-lui-thiet-ke the-king-of-wine-dong-co-tai-bien-phu-co-ban-cap-nhat-new-tai-thai-in-viet-nam-return-cai-lui-thiet-ke

A few days ago, MG 5 shocked the market when it crashed into a median strip, the car’s engine and front wheel were thrown out, the young man driving and a girl suffered multiple injuries and were trapped in the car. People were taken out and transferred to the emergency room. The above incident caused two conflicting opinions about the quality and safety of this sedan.

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