The aerodynamics are worse than the Mercedes EQS, but the Chinese electric car can still travel more than 1,000 km

Thanks to energy density applications on the new solid-state battery, the Nio ET7 electric vehicle can operate more than 1,000 km on a full charge.

Nio Chairman and CEO William Li personally made the journey along China’s east coast with the Nio ET7 electric car model. After about 14 hours of non-stop charging from Shanghai and ending in Xiamen city, the electric car still had 3% battery left.


According to information, the above Nio ET7 electric car has been upgraded to a semi-solid-state battery pack with a capacity of 150 kWh, allowing it to operate over a maximum distance of more than 1,044 km after a full charge. Mr. William Li believes that the journey on the Nio ET7 will further promote the auto industry’s transition from gasoline consumption to electric operation.

On this journey, there were a number of other experts and leaders. They said that the travel process took place in relatively harsh conditions, when the outdoor temperature only ranged from -2 to 12 degrees Celsius, affecting quite negative to the Nio ET7’s operating range, despite the fact that the electric vehicle is controlled with the support of a level 2 automatic driving system that only allows a maximum speed of about 90 km/h.


To achieve the above operating range, in addition to the new battery pack, the Nio ET7 also has an optimal aerodynamic design equivalent to that of the Tesla Model S and is only inferior to models such as Mercedes EQS, Lucid Air and Volkswagen XL1. And under ideal conditions the car can reach a range of up to 1,144 km on a full charge.

Nio ET7’s new battery pack has a capacity of 150 kWh with quite high energy density, and is compatible with the company’s entire range of existing electric car products. Nio electric vehicle owners can convert their current battery pack, which has a capacity of 70 kWh or 100 kWh, to a 150 kWh semi-solid battery pack through the brand’s thousands of Power Swap stations in China along with 33 other stations. across Europe.


Nio electric vehicles come to European customers, but the brand’s ability to enter the US market is still a mystery. Last year, Mr. William Li said Nio’s next generation electric vehicle models would be sold in the US but at the present time, there is still no clear move from the Chinese electric vehicle brand.

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