Test drive the Nissan Kicks, it would be a good choice except for the price

Overall, Nissan Kicks is a suitable car model in the era of transition between gasoline and electric technology as it feels like operating like an electric car but without having to worry about finding a charging station.

In recent years, green cars are being considered a trend of the future as many car companies have made moves to switch to this type of vehicle. Even the Vietnamese market already has one, and before that many hybrid car models have arrived, but they have not yet made a big impression.


Until a Vietnamese car company moved to stop producing gasoline cars and switch to producing electric cars, making this market share more attractive. However, pure electric cars are not currently for the majority because charging stations are currently a problem, so Hybrid cars are being considered the choice of many customers.

In the popular hybrid car segment, there are not too many that can be mentioned such as Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid, Toyota Corolla Cross, Nissan Kicks, etc. The hybrid system of the Suzuki Ertiga is only light, while the Toyota Corolla Cross operates in parallel and the Nissan Kicks operates purely electric and the gasoline engine only acts as an electric charger.


Nissan calls this e-Power technology to emphasize the electrified powertrain. According to the parameters, the Nissan Kick’s gasoline engine has a capacity of 1.2L, capacity of 79 horsepower, 103 Nm but does not play a role in driving but only serves as a generator for the lithium-ion battery cluster.

This engine assembly will use the e-Power system to provide power directly to the motor in some cases and charge the vehicle’s battery with the support of a generator and inverter. And the main powertrain comes from an electric motor with a capacity of 134 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque.


In addition, the car only uses a 1-speed gearbox, 1-speed drive, so Nissan Kick has a different way of operating compared to current hybrid cars and traditional gasoline cars and is similar to pure electric cars. Thanks to that, the Nissan Kicks e-Power has a very fast boost due to the characteristics of the electric motor that transmits torque immediately to the wheels without any loss. In many cases, the driver can only hear the engine sound as the gasoline engine operates to charge the battery for the electric motor.

With the above factors, users can experience the characteristics of pure electric vehicles such as smoothness, loading, less noise and not having to worry about finding a charging station. However, the vehicle still must have the same forms of maintenance as a gasoline motorbike.


In addition, the Nissan Kicks e-Power also has a braking system that regenerates energy when the driver releases the accelerator or applies the brake and thanks to that, the fuel consumption of this car model is quite low, an average of about 3 to 4 liters per 100km. mixed, but under test conditions only about 2.2 liters/100 km.

Although the transmission technology is considered reasonable for those who like electric cars but are afraid to charge the battery, the exterior of the Nissan Kicks e-Power is less prominent because the car’s design is somewhat gentle and versatile and still retains Features a signature V-Motion grille, lights and fog lights that are all LED.

The overall dimensions (L x W x H) of the Nissan Kicks e-Power are 4,305 x 1,760 x 1,615 mm, with 17-inch wheels. This parameter is somewhat similar to B-sized urban SUV models such as Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Honda HR-V and close to Toyota Corolla Cross.

Unfortunately, the interior of the Nissan Kicks e-Power is not really impressive because the air vents are somewhat old, in return the car is equipped with a central screen, electronic driving clock, and a somewhat modern center pedestal thanks to the cluster. fancy gear lever, besides the car also has an electronic handbrake, auto hold, automatic headlights, electric seats….

hybrid-thu-nissan-kicks-will-be-lua-chon-tot-foreign-tru-gia-ban hybrid-thu-nissan-kicks-will-be-lua-chon-tot-foreign-tru-gia-ban

The second row of seats on the Nissan Kicks e-Power is not really excellent with a low reclining seat back and no rear air conditioning vents, in return the leg space is relatively comfortable. The plastic details on the car are well finished, giving a more practical feel than a premium feel.

Nissan Kicks e-Power also has basic safety equipment such as anti-lock braking system, emergency brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, electronic balance, traction control, and departure assist. slope level, 6 airbags, reverse sensor….


Practical experience shows that the Nissan Kicks feels good during rush hour. Even though it is an electric powertrain, it still feels smooth on the accelerator pedal. If you are proficient in using e-Pedal technology, the driver will almost only use the accelerator pedal without needing to use the brake pedal too much.

Nissan Kicks e-Power also has 3 driving modes: Normal, Eco and Sport, allowing users to take full advantage of the vehicle’s performance. However, similar to other pure electric cars, the Nissan Kicks e-Power will sometimes experience the phenomenon of “dragging” the car when running at high speeds.


It can be seen that this is an urban SUV suitable for those who like the feeling of traveling with a sporty feel, following the green car trend, without consuming too much fuel. Although there are still some disadvantages in the interior and design, the ability to operate will compensate, but the proposed selling price from 789 million VND to 858 million VND will be a big obstacle.

Because at this price, users can choose car models with more equipment, more experience, and more spacious space. Therefore, spending nearly a billion to roll an urban SUV is still a consideration for many people.


In the future, if the price of Nissan Kicks is adjusted to be more reasonable than currently, this will be a suitable choice for those who are not ready for an electric car but still want to try an electric car, or simply A car used every day because of its very modest fuel consumption is also a huge plus.

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